Smallville Season Finale Scoop!

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Holla! Tonight’s the night, my friends! The Season 9 finale for Smallville! This has been a solid season (okay, the Kandorians plot is hella boring. But it’s almost over! Rao willing.) and I’m psyched for what’s sure to be a stellar finale. How do I know?  Because it’s Smallville, suckas! EVERY finale is awesome. EVERY ONE. Even the crappy seasons! All the finales rule except, conversely, Season 8’s, which was in every other respect Smallville’s best season. That was…weird.

But! Season 9! Finale! Sure to be awesome! Here’s some scoop to wet your whistle.

My boy Ausiello talks about Lois and Clark in tonight’s episode. He answers some key Smallville questions about halfway down this column. He also reveals that—*GASP*—Smallville is the answer to THIS blind item!

EOnline has a sweet interview with Annette O’Toole (Martha Kent) and Michael McKean (Perry White) from their fantastic episode last week, as well as a sneak  peek at tonight’s finale!

TV Guide gives us the goods with some dirt on the finale. They also have a great interview with O’Toole and McKean. AND a short slightly spoilery vid from the finale tonight!

KryptonSite also has a cute interview with O’Toole and McKean. (Man, they seem like the greatest couple ever, don’t they?) They also have some totally spoilery screengrabs from the finale tonight–click on this link at your own risk!

FanCast asks a question of Exec Producer Brian Peterson about the finale in which he hails it as “the most iconic” finale yet. FanCast also has a Zod clip from the finale.

And you can find a very good interview with Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer) here.

Need a refresher? Wikipedia’s got a summary of all the S9 eps right here!

In other news, squee! I love them:

So be sure to check out the finale tonight on The CW at 8/7c! And be sure to watch it with the DIH Smallville drinking game! It’s super fun.

You can find my Smallville mid-Season 9 report card here and the Smallville renewal post here. And my posts about Smallville: Absolute Justice are here and here.

Have fun tonight! I know I will!

2 Responses to “Smallville Season Finale Scoop!”

  1. did you play the drinking game, or do you only do that with episodes you’ve already seen? i’d like to see a tally some time…

    hope it was as awesome as you thought it would be!!!

  2. xymarla Says:

    We did indeed play the drinking game! When we remembered, if we weren’t too busy being SLACK-JAWED WITH AMAZINGNESS!

    It was much, much, MUCH more awesome than I thought it would be! Thanks for asking :)

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