It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Marla Unveils New Blog!

That’s right, kidlets! Today’s NDTD is a shortie because I’m hard at work on the unveiling of A NEW BLOG! Don’t worry, my first baby will always be my favorite.  But head back here on Friday to meet the shiny new offspring! 


Tim Burton is taking on the iconic manga Mai the Psychic Girl. The internet is unsure how to feel about this. 


Futurama is filled with nerdy physics goodness! Serious science. Seriously!  


Dread Central’s got a great interview with the tireless George Romero. 


Check out the international trailer and one-sheet for Splice here


Catch pics from the end of days evidence Lost Boys 3. You can read my review of Lost Boys: The Tribe here

That’s all she wrote, friends! Scope out the NDTD and review archives here. 

Review Preview: 


Paranormal Activity on Thursday, a good billion years after everyone else has reviewed it! We are nothing if not on the pulse of pop culture here at DIH. 


A WHOLE NEW BLOG on Friday! Full of content you probably don’t care about, which is why I’m moving it to A NEW BLOG instead of leaving it on this one! Guesses? I bet you can figure it out!

3 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I KNOW! I KNOW! but i won’t tell cos I LOVE SECRETS.

  2. I KNOW TOO! I can’t wait for you to unveil your new baby! Um, please clean off the afterbirth first though, cause ick.

  3. I bet I can guess!

    Ick! Why do they have to make another Lost Boys movie? The Tribe was horrible and I can’t imagine that #3 would be any better. Give it up.

    I knew David X Cohen was a smarty pants but I had no idea of the extent until I read that article. Go him!

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