It’s News Day Tuesday!

Rest in Peace, Mr. Hopper. Thanks for five decades of fine work.

 Everyone have a nice Memorial weekend? Let’s get to it, shall we?


After all that hubbub over who would replace Megan Fox in the next Transformers, Michael Bay Kept it Classy by casting a Victoria’s Secret model with no acting experience. Thanks to Mr. Marla for the link! (Read my review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen here.)


Speaking of The Man Himself, Bay intends to relaunch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise with a sure-to-be epic, overlong, over-tanned, over-sexed reboot.   


Loins geeksploding! James McAvoy has signed on to X-Men: First Class as the young Professor X! Oh man, now I have to see this. Still no word on Magneto.


X-Men: First Class producer Bryan Singer’s new flick Jack the Giant Killer  has been delayed to February 2011. Hrmm.


Vulture’s got an excellent interview with George Romero on Survival of the Dead. And Time has an even better interview! The man’s quotable. Also, we have the same favorite director: Guillermo del Toro! Squee!


In far less squee-worthy del Toro news, he’s off The Hobbit. GROAN. Shock ‘Til You Drop predicts what this means for del Toro’s genre plans. 

The ever-changing cast of lesbian werewolf flick Jack and Diane now includes Riley Keough. For now.


Jesse Eisenberg and Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer are reuniting for 30 Minutes or Less, also starring Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride. In other words, my ass will BE there. (Read my review of Zombieland here.)


Check out the trailer for serial killer flick Poe here.  

 And the red band trailer for Rec 2 here. Look for my review of the original [rec] in the next week!

 That’s it for now, kiddos. You can catch previous NDTD entries by date and all reviews by title in the archives. Have a good short week!

6 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Man, this is a jam packed NDTD! I am very sad that del Toro is leaving. I think he is amazing. I am a bit frightened about PJ coming back based on his pure lameness after LOTR, but perhaps he can reclaim his former glory…and if it means it prevents him from filming two other crappy movies, I’m all for it.

    Um, Poe looks pretty bad, and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with poe, except they have some $20 pleather, gold embossed Barnes & Noble edition still shot in the trailer. I don’t remember Poe even writing a serial murder story…can anyone jog my memory?

  2. Also forgot to mention that I loved the Romero interviews. Thanks, Marla!

  3. My pleasure, Sally! Yeah, the premise of the Poe movie is as follows:

    It follows Dr. Andrew Casey (David Fine) who is a serial killer known by the name of “The Chef”. His need for notoriety causes Dr. Andrew Casey to seek out writer Johnathan Poe (Stelio Savante), a descendant of the famed writer Edgar Allan Poe and a brilliant writer in his own right, with an offer to write his biography. Poe is intrigued and agrees to the assignment. Dr. Casey along with his butler Mr. Peeples (Mike Iorio) lures women to his home under the alias of film director Jack Conway with the pretense of meeting to discuss a well-paying role. Once the women arrive, they are tied up, drugged and eventually sliced up to be used for meat to feed the homeless at the Help Feeding Foundation soup kitchen. Once at the house, Poe is forced to witness all manner of horrors without the ability to either escape or help the women who have been captured. That’s just a part of this ribald mystery.


  4. Wow. Poe, man. That sounds pretty bad. I don’t know–or really awesome?

    Also, a big week for bummer news. No del Toro for the Hobbit and Michael Bay for TMNT? What is wrong with the world? Not that the original TMNT is particularly sacred to me but I’m coming from the “why bother” standpoint.

  5. OMG JAMES MCAVOY IS GOING TO BE YOUNG PROFESSOR X?!!! BEST COMIC BOOK NEWS OF THE YEAR! ok, well, month. but still. HOLY HOTNESS. plus he’ll totally do patrick stewart– excuse me, SIR patrick stewart– justice.

    also 30 seconds or less is going to be AMAY-MAY. jesse eisenberg i heart you! now please be in a YA adapation next, ok? ok.

  6. I . . . will see Poe. Wait, wait, wait. Will any cousins be married? Cause if so, I’m most definitely watching Poe. It’ll be like Great Balls of Fire. But with words instead of grunts.

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