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Sex and the City 2: The Horror That Took Manhattan

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by guest blogger Erin!

The other night, having little to do with myself which did not involve being a productive member of society, I took myself down to the local cinema, intent on watching a dazzling comedy, full of madcap adventure, strong performances and a bit of nostalgia for a time when I didn’t feel that the lead actors were phoning in their every performance.


Unfortunately, Get Him to the Greek was sold out.  So I watched Sex and the City 2 instead. 

Gentle readers, I haven’t seen a movie this horrifying and emotionally scarring since the time I sat on marla’s couch, watching the credits roll on Deadgirl, and wondering if I was ever going to be able to scrub the images in that movie out of my head (answer: no.  Which is why Deadgirl is awesome).  What’s worse is that my cinematic companions – that family in front sharing stale popcorn, the giggly girls in back who actually called each other “girlfriend,” as in, “you go, girlfriend!” – did not even realize the horror that was being splashed across the screen.  They mistakenly believed that this movie was some sort of comedic effort, but I knew better.  This movie is terror.  I shall endeavor now to detail for you all the evil machinations of the worst screen villain in years: the Excess Villain.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Extra! Extra! Marla's shaking things up at Danny Isn't Here!

You heard it here first, folks! Maybe you noticed the fancy new header? (Please save your oohs and ahhs until the end of the post.) Even more exciting, I’ve restructured the categories! So now they make actual, real sense! And you can use them to find things! In addition to using our search function (search “Frank Langella” and you’ll find every post that refers to him. It’s a very useful tool.), you can always find every archived post organized in an easy way under the Site Index or by perusing the categories on the homepage sidebar. This post will be categorized under “News Day Tuesday,” “Movie News” and “TV News,” for instance. Erin’s SATC2 post will be archived under “Contributor: Erin” and “Film Review.” Tomorrow’s Splice post can be found under “Film Review,” “Horror Movie Review” and “Sci-Fi Movie Review.” (But decidedly not under “A+ Review” which will be saved for those films that earn the highest grade. Alas, Splice hella doesn’t.)

 So let’s get to it!  


You can find the first two trailers for Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World here, as well as a panel-by-panel comparison of the nods to the original comic material. Looks awesome!  


More details regarding the roller coastery Fright Night remake. Yes, the cast is good, but it’s set in…Vegas? What happened to quaint little Everytown, USA? And the Peter Vincent character (originally played by the great Roddy McDowall) will be a Criss Angel type? Uhm ew. Read my review of the original Fright Night here.  

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