It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Marla's shaking things up at Danny Isn't Here!

You heard it here first, folks! Maybe you noticed the fancy new header? (Please save your oohs and ahhs until the end of the post.) Even more exciting, I’ve restructured the categories! So now they make actual, real sense! And you can use them to find things! In addition to using our search function (search “Frank Langella” and you’ll find every post that refers to him. It’s a very useful tool.), you can always find every archived post organized in an easy way under the Site Index or by perusing the categories on the homepage sidebar. This post will be categorized under “News Day Tuesday,” “Movie News” and “TV News,” for instance. Erin’s SATC2 post will be archived under “Contributor: Erin” and “Film Review.” Tomorrow’s Splice post can be found under “Film Review,” “Horror Movie Review” and “Sci-Fi Movie Review.” (But decidedly not under “A+ Review” which will be saved for those films that earn the highest grade. Alas, Splice hella doesn’t.)

 So let’s get to it!  


You can find the first two trailers for Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World here, as well as a panel-by-panel comparison of the nods to the original comic material. Looks awesome!  


More details regarding the roller coastery Fright Night remake. Yes, the cast is good, but it’s set in…Vegas? What happened to quaint little Everytown, USA? And the Peter Vincent character (originally played by the great Roddy McDowall) will be a Criss Angel type? Uhm ew. Read my review of the original Fright Night here.  

Some great images and a behind-the-scenes peek at AMC’s summer series adaptation of the phenomenal comic The Walking Dead at the link


The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner is set to join The Avengers as Hawkeye! Interesting choice—spot on, even! And Stanley Tucci joins Captain America as Dr. Abraham Erskine; does this mean he’ll join The Avengers as well? Stay tuned.  


Corey Feldman talks more about Lost Boys: The Thirst here, and discusses what went wrong with Lost Boys: The Tribe. Looks like both Frog brothers will be back for this installment. The trailer doesn’t look too bad. The movie will be bad, however. Make no mistake about that. Read my review of Lost Boys: The Tribe here.  


You think the above poster for Ryan Reynolds’ Buried is cool? (me too.) Dig the superbly eerie one sheet at the link.


Brett Ratner is set to do a “super edgy” version of Snow White, and Meredith at io9 (because she is my brain twin as well as my name twin) laments the likelihood of this dampening Fables film prospects.  


Ugh, Julia Stiles is joining Dexter’s fifth season for a groan-worthy TEN episodes. When is Hollywood going to realize that, cute as she is, she can’t act? Guys, I love 10 Things too. But the girl can’t act. New (uh-oh) showrunner Chris Johannessen confirms that no single Big Bad could ever top John Lithgow, so they’re forgoing that format this season.    

Ooh I love you Bill Nighy! And Shadowland 3D’s summary of “a Faustian thriller” that’s a cross between The Shining and Dead Poet’s Society, from the novel by Peter Straub, is rather awesomely intriguing.


Jackie Earle Haley talks about portraying Rorschach in Watchmen, George Noyce in Shutter Island and Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake in this interview. You can read my review of Watchmen here, Shutter Island here, and check out my Remake vs. Original battle of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies here.  


Disney’s releasing a graphic novel prequel to Tron Legacy. Get the deets.  

Review Preview:  


Later today, Erin will brave that fright of a film, the terrifying SATC2.


Tomorrow, Splice


Thursday, [rec]! 


Monday, Jerry wrangles The Human Centipede.

10 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. S. Hansen Says:

    Please be advised Bill Nighy is not involved in this movie.

  2. Yep, he is! According to the production company:

  3. i cannot believe i’m this excited to see a michael cera movie BUT I AM. GOOD LORD I AM.

    i totally groaned when i heard the julia stiles news, and i don’t even *watch* dexter. sigh. maybe she’ll get stabbed?

  4. Love the new header! V. nice

  5. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. First, they’re not having a Big Bad on Dexter?! Next, JULIA STILES IS GOING TO BE THERE. Fucking hell. Sigh. At least this past season was note-perfect, so I can pretend it ended there.

    Somehow until just this moment I missed the fact that EDGAR WRIGHT is directing Scott Pilgrim. Or maybe I did know that, but just didn’t associate it with “scott pilgrim, that michael cera movie.” Damnit, now I’m going to have to watch it on opening weekend.

  6. Um, Corey Feldman is an idiot, and I will be in the front row (provided it gets a theatrical release) for Lost Boys 3.

  7. Yeah, I don’t think Feldman watched Lost Boys 2 if he thought the only problem was discontinuity. Maybe he was watching something else.

    Yeah Julia Stiles in Dexter. Vom. I don’t know why they kept that character in the Bourne movies. She was the only bad part about them. Now we have to watch her in something else. I just vommed again thinking about it.

    Scott Pilgram looks pretty cool. Ed Wright has done well for himself thus far. I’m sure I’ll see that one.

  8. To second Beardy’s thoughts, I have to admit something. I have only seen the first Bourne movie because I hate Julia Stiles that much. Once I found out she was in the others I swore off of them like rotten milk.

  9. That’s certainly fair, Sally. As much as I love the Bourne movies (and I do LOVE them), she is SO TERRIBLE in them, it drives me crazy! Fortunately she never has too much screentime, except for how any Julia Stiles screentime is too much screentime.

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