It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Oz Oz Oz Oz Oz YAWN.

 Lord, are there a lot of Wizard of Oz projects on the horizon! And yet none of them is a faithful adaptation of the book (not the musical!) Wicked. le sigh.  

 The funny thing is, I kind of love all the names attached. Glee’s Lea Michele is set to star in an adaptation also featuring Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, Jim Belushi, Hugh Dancy, Patrick Stewart and Oliver Platt (?!) in a movie musical. Uhm but Bryan Adams is doing the music. wtf? And the OTHER adaptation is a prequel titled Oz, The Great and Powerful directed by SAM RAIMI and starring ROBERT DOWNEY, JR.! Still, yawn. (read my review of Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell here.)  

 Michael Bay shocks the hell out of me by admitting that he is human and makes mistakes. The next Transformers is to include less wacky “comedy,” fewer racist robot stereotypes (none, dare we hope?) and not nearly so many endings. And of course, no Megan Fox. (read my write-up of megalomaniac Bay here.)  

 FUTURAMA! Will I ever cease to geek out about this? Unlikely!  Check out the wink-wink-nudge-nudgey first 90 seconds of the season here, as well as a few Groening-sanctioned spoilers! And pics of the new season (including a dominatrix Amy?) at the link.  

 *SOB* Filming wrapped on the final installment of the Harry Potter series this week. As inferior as the films are to the books, I don’t want to see them end!  

 Scoop on who’s playing whom in Scream 4, featuring young Hollywood it-kids Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere (playing a film geek, AS IF!) and Rory Culkin.  

  Alas, it appears that Frank Darabont is only directing the pilot of The Walking Dead, despite misleading information previously released. If TWD gets more than 6 eps on AMC, he may return for more directing. Catch a glimpse of Rick Grimes at the link! (read my review of Darabont’s The Mist here.)  

 Anchor Bay is making the surprising decision of releasing the I Spit on Your Grave remake without an MPAA rating, which is really awesome news for the genre. It probably means nothing for the quality of the actual FILM, but we’ll find out for sure in the Remake Vs. Original showdown, won’t we?  

 You can see the red band trailer for Neil Marshall’s Centurion here. It looks…pretty dumb, guys.

That’s it for now! Check out the archives index for previous NDTD entries by date and all reviews by title! Also, err, if you follow this blog and actually care, you may have been asking yourself, “Where the hell is [rec]?” And that’s the same question I’ve had as well! Because I lost my Netflix disc! Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I am disheartened by the WoO news. Except . . . Robert Downey, Jr ? On the Yellow Brick Road? It could be something.

  2. Agreed, erin. Plus, doesn’t RDJ have enough on his plate as is? And Bryan Adams? No. Just… no.

  3. as much as i would’ve KILLED for the chance to be in a harry potter movie, i’m kind of glad that dream was never realized. because i don’t think i could handle that last day of filming. i’m already tearing up AT MY DESK just thinking about it, so yeah. i mean, can you imagine what that must feel like, esp for the principals? they should all get tattoos like the LOTR dudes.

  4. Well Hollywood has obviously run out of toilet paper and so now they are wiping their asses with The Wizard of Oz. If you had asked me yesterday if this movie was sacred, I probably would’ve shrugged noncommittally. Upon hearing this news, I will have to answer that, yes, it is sacred. Don’t mess with it.

    I super excited about the new Futurama. Based on the movies, I think the show can keep it fresh. So fresh, I want to take it behind the middle school…

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