It’s News Day Tuesday

by Jon

It’s your favorite babysitter, Reverend Jon! Speaking of babysitters, REMAKE NEWS! Can’t find where I first read about it, but a remake of your favorite Christina Applegate movie is in the works as they say in the industry.

Pajiba reports that the remake is still in the early stages and no names are attached yet. Any picks for a Christina Applegate update? Taylor Momsen?

When I saw the words “darkest queer movie” it was like the interweb was goosing me and I had to click through and post about it. This isn’t a new movie, but io9 linked to some clips and filled me in on this lost gem, a story of a “secret society of wealthy, closeted gay men [that] recruits beautiful young men as its playthings. But one ‘plaything’ wants to stay young forever.” Duh duh duh!! The combo of cricket and bondage on the cover of the DVD is an added bonus.

Speaking of sex (and when am I not?) this past week’s episode of True Blood delved a little deeper into the creepy, sick, and dare I say twisted world of vampire sex. If you don’t have HBO and don’t care about spoilers (not that it furthered the plot or anything) head over to for a video of the wrenching concluding scene to this week’s episode.

For those of you geeking out about Christopher Nolan’s soon-to-be Blockbuster, io9 has a super juicy post about the movie with interviews with what looked to be everyone involved, from Leo to the Best Boy (I guess Leo has aged out of the Boy category). But something in the comments on the post got me thinking…it seems like Inception might be heavily influenced by the super fun premise of Paprika.

If you haven’t seen this compelling, thrilling anime from the makers of Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress, then it is a must see. Make that a commandment (drawing on my Reverend powers). Thou Shalt Netflix Paprika. Also, best spice-named movie. I challenge you to come up with a better one. (Salt? Spice World? See, I will win this challenge).

The masters of hilarity over at World of Wonder Productions gave us the above sight gag, comparing two movies that I have not seen yet know to be awful.

Um, apparently they are still making these movies? I thought the last one already came out, but I don’t watch them so as not to spoil the images in my tender head. Anyway, that link goes to a new trailer.

In other tween franchise news, fans all the world over are going bonkers over the newest Twilight movie. Personally, I prefer the hippo unicorns.

And that’s it for my guest-post. Marla will be back stateside next week!

4 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday”

  1. Thank you so much for the excellent post, Rev! I am especially intrigued by Gay Dark Polo Movie. And I’ve never seen Paprika! I love Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress, so it’s a commandment I will have no problem following.

    The dishes are DONE, man. I love DTMTBD so much.

  2. Paprika! I totally loved that movie. Also, thank you for the side by side comparison to that werewolf kid to an alpaca. Uncanny, sir.

  3. paprika does sound fabulous, although i love me some spice world!!!

    also OMG THANK YOU for including the link to the last scene from the recent true blood ep cos henri and i were watching it on some weird internet site that timed us out four minutes before the end (WHAT) and we MISSED THE ENDING. HOLY SHIZZ WE MISSED SOME CRAY. wrenching, heh.

  4. Hahahah! Nice alpaca comparison. I never thought that before. I did think he was odd looking. I’m surprise Marla doesn’t swoon over him with when he’s got a brow ridge like that.

    Inception looks pretty damn cool if you ask me. I really hope it’s not one of those movies that seems badass and then it comes out and gets horrible reviews and I never end up seeing it. That would be sad.

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