It’s News Day Tuesday

Extra! Extra! Insert Clever Headline Here!

 Hello all! Thanks to the delightful Reverend Jon for subbing last week. Let’s get to it! 


Movie titles keep getting dumber and dumber, to my infinite delight. 5nal Destination is going to rock my gleefully mocking/secretly enjoying ass off!

The international trailer for Let Me In looks like the shit just shit. Even Hit Girl can’t save this one! Check out the original,  folks (titled Let the Right One In, from Norway). It’s easily accessible from your friendly neighborhood Netflix account.

Oh man, Scream 4 is having some trubs, my friend. They are not smiles times. On the plus side, Adam Brody makes everything better! Thanks to Jerry for the link.

Nerds revolt! Hollywood wants to make a Dr. Who moving starring the ubiquitous Johnny Depp. He’s hot, but is he Who hot? No. He is not. To his credit.

Paul Giamatti, be still my heart. He LOVES Bubba Ho-Tep (hey! so do I!), and he swears on his own spine (seriously) that Bubba Nosferatu (also possibly starring Ron Perlman! And thus THE BEST MOVIE EVER!) is still in the works despite significant financial setbacks. If I won the lottery, I would fund this movie myself. After funding a Dark Tower series done RIGHT, that is.

Everyone in the world is still set for Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood.  Scream queen Virginia Madsen joins Amanda Seyfried and the rest of Hollywood for the gothic retelling. Even Gary Oldman’s slumming it for this one! Read my reviews of Madsen in Candyman and The Haunting in Connecticut

HOLY LORD I LOVE YOU FANTASTIC FEST. Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs are stopping by to showcase their Poe play Nevermore, as well as doing Q&As for a few of their films. AND I WILL BE THERE. Obviously. Because I am a superfan of gargantuan proportions. Check out my Stu retrospective if you don’t believe me!

The dudes at Bloody Disgusting took a set visit to The Walking Dead and have very good things to say about it. A Breaking Bad vet is expected to direct some eps.

The new Peter Parker has been picked. I’m just relieved it’s not the rumored Joseph Gordon-Levitt, because then I’d have to see it. Because I love him and don’t give a toss about this other guy.

News on Daft Punk’s sure to be epic soundtrack to Tron Legacy.

Tell me what you think about Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn’s potential cast pics for X-Men: First Class here. Don’t fuck up Emma Frost, Alice Eve! Whoever you are! 

 Review Preview:

Guess who found her Netflix DVD! [rec] is way-belatedly coming to you this week!

10 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday”

  1. I’m kind of . . . dismayed about the Let the Right One In trailer? I mean, I KNEW it’d be bad but part of me was sort of hoping that it’d be good but different (like the american office) to show that not all remakes are a lost cause. But, nope. Keep fighting the bad fight, Let Me In!

    In other news, WHY would they make a Dr Who movie??? Actually let me rephrase: WHY HAVEN’T THEY MADE A DR WHO MOVIE YET? Cause here’s the thing about the Who: usually pretty clever writing, a male lead who is usually pretty swoonworthy (Depp isn’t dorky or English enough, though. Also how would they explain his new face without making him the Twelth Doctor?) and often kickass female characters. (Let’s make babies, Amy Pond!) BUT THE CGI IS HORRIBLE, which is why I can’t watch more than one or two episodes a series. So, long comment short, I am PRO MOVIE if it means a bigger budget and Daleks not made from trash cans, wire whisks and plumber tools (i have been to the BBC, I have seen these things); but I am ANTI MOVIE if it means Depp.

  2. Reverend Jon Says:

    I have to say that although everyone has been very meh about Andrew Garfield as spidey, I saw him in the Red Riding trilogy and totally fell in love with him, he’s super cute and a good actor. Immediately after getting home from the movies, I looked him up to see if he was in anything else because i had a big crush on him. Check out Red Riding (he’s primarily in the first one, 1974, i think it is) and see if you don’t get more excited about him.

  3. Funny you should mention it–the MFAH just showed the Red Riding trilogy over the 4th holiday, and the posters got me so excited for it, I read up on it lots and saved it all to my Netflix queue. So is he a little kid in Red Riding?

    I just got annoyed by the one picture they show of him all over the internet with total muppet hair.

  4. Yeah, the muppet-hair picture is the one I keep seeing, and it makes the whole casting announcement feel like The Onion is in charge of the Spidey reboot, or whatever they’re calling it.

    The funniest thing about the Let Me In trailer is that, watching it, I feel like reality has finally caught up to every joke ever made about Hollywood remakes. It’s like – This movie’s cool, all it’s missing is a thumpin’ soundtrack, some hip young Hollywood talent, and some slick, fast-paced editing. Don’t worry, Hollywood will fix it right up. You Norwegians and your deliberate pacing and atmospheric soundtrack…just adorable! And that title? Too many words! We can fix that, too.

  5. Also, GODDAMNIT!

    MGM, deep in the middle of going bankrupt, has “indefinitely suspended” the next James Bond movie. I know that’s not exactly the usual kind of project we follow on this site, but I’m really, really disappointed. I seriously love the shit out of Casino Royale – it’s not only the best James Bond movie ever, it’s one of the very best combinations of action, acting, writing, directing, and sheer hotness that I’ve ever seen come out of a major studio. I ignore the existence of the follow-up (Quantum of Solace?), and was looking forward to seeing what Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig could have done with it. This cancellation makes me sad. :(

  6. Yeah, I know, dude. I meant to send that to you yesterday. WAHHH! I think the combined hotness of Mendes and Craig might just blow up the screen, and that’s what MGM ultimately feared.

  7. Man, everyone is making my comments before I can. I was about to say that Let Me In just looks too fast-paced and loud to do the original film any justice. It’s funny because the kids totally look Scandinavian. Looks like that’s the only thing they got right. And of course snow. Blood on snow always looks great. Apparently they didn’t get what made this movie so cool.

    And the other comment I was too late to make was about ol’ Sr. MuppetHair. That was my first thought about the new Spidey. I really hope they do something about that. I do admit I’m curious about the Red Riding series now.

    Just for fun, I’m going to start calling it Five-nal Destination.

  8. GAH I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL X-MEN FIRST CLASS!!!!!! first, because i love everything x-men. second, cos scott mcavoy!! third, cos nicholas hoult as hank mccoy OMG.

    so yeah, like marla said, lesser actors: DON’T EFF THIS UP FOR ME.

  9. Reverend Jon Says:

    No, he’s not a kid in it! You think I’m some kind of pedo, don’t you? The movie just takes place in 1974, all three were made in 2008 or 2009.

  10. *OH*

    haha, I totally did not grasp that. I thought they were all made back in the day.

    You said “super cute,” that could apply to a kid in a non-pedy way!

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