It’s News Day Tuesday!

We'll miss you, Harvey.

 Welcome back to News Day Tuesday, where you might find my reporting to be rather lackadaisical because I’m so sad about Harvey Pekar.  Also: I’m lazy.  


The 2010 Comic Con schedule is up! Go here to make yourself physically sick with envy, just like me!


I’m not sure how I feel about this All About Evil trailer. Perhaps…warmly?


Well guess what, Christopher Nolan? We’d love for you to do a James Bond movie, too.


Oh dang! Anton Yelchin possibly continues his tour of Character Reprisals Superior To The Original Performance as Harry Osborn in the new Spidey! Okay, I *might* watch it.  


Looks like Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn are wooing Kevin’s Bacon to play an unnamed villain in X-Men: First Class. Haven’t seen him in a while! Should be interesting.  


Hollywood high school dramz! Even though I’ve always heard that Edward Norton is a real assface to work with (obvs a hot, talented assface), it’s hard to deny that his statement regarding his unceremonious dismissal from The Avengers movie is far classier and more profesh than the studio’s. So: new Hulk? What about Billy Crudup? I miss him his hair.  


Some spooky business! Check out stills from the location of Ti West’s upcoming film The Innkeepers. There’s a great article, too. I dig the scenery, dig the premise, dig the title, dig the director. Seriously can’t wait for this one. Read my reviews of West’s The House of the Devil and Cabin Fever 2 


Yay! Release date for Werner Herzog’s sublimely titled (and cast!) My Son My Son What Have Ye Done is set!


Discouraging news regarding the David Gordon Green Suspiria remake. And by that, I mean that it’s still on. Sorry, Jerry.  


Remember when I was all: make Wicked into a movie—based on the book, not the musical? Yeah, no one listens to me.  


Amanda Seyfried keeps chugging out those medicore movies! This one’s called I’m.mortal, which is rather an irritating title. Still: pretty!

That’s it for this week, friends and fam. (just kidding. My family totally doesn’t read this blog.) Check out the archives index if you’re itchin’ for more Marla time. 

Review Preview:  


Tomorrow! Remake vs. Original: Quarantine vs. [rec]. ONLY THE NON-SUCKY SHALL SURVIVE!  


Wednesday! David Cronenberg Retrospective: The Fly!


Next Wednesday! Finally! Inception! FINALLY!!

5 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I am going to kill a motherfucker over this Suspiria remake. David Gordon Green – is there a director out there I hate worse than him? I’ve seriously considered it, and the answer is an easy no. I would rather Uwe Boll direct a remake of Suspiria. In fact, I have no doubt that Uwe Boll would do a better job. Fuck you, David Gordon Green. If only I could meet you before this thing actually happens.

    I do kinda like it that in the original interview with Dario Argento, he says he only finally relented about the goddamn remake because he is convinced it will suck and won’t be remembered against the original film.

    Oh, and as of this afternoon, they’ve offered Joaquim Phoenix the Bruce Banner role for Avengers. I actually think that’s a pretty cool choice. BTW, Ed Norton started stronger than almost any other actor around – between 1996-1999, he did Primal Fear, People vs Larry Flint, Everyone Says I Love You, and Fight Club. WHAT HAPPENED? Russell Crowe is difficult, and not as good an actor, but he’s still working.

    Werner Herzog’s new movie looks AWESOME! After 40 years of insanity through filmmaking, how is it possible he can still be so cool? Is it cause he’s got nothing else to prove? His last few documentaries, not to mention the brilliance that is Bad Lieutenant 2: Port of Call New Orleans, have been among his most interesting work. Amazing! Also, best title of the year, at least.

  2. I have nothing to add except that jerry’s right about werner herzog, AND that’s an amazing film title. But there had better be iguanas.

  3. I love dear Werner, but really, a gal can’t keep up, especially when said gal is obsessed with watching and re-watching My Best Fiend and Little Dieter Needs to Fly. And if y’all haven’t seen Even Little People Started Small, DO IT NOW!!!

    I think the best part of that All About Evil trailer is the Divine look alike in the corner of a shot. Y’all that’s not a put down, I love Divine.

    Also, so excited for the new Ti West!

  4. Awwww, RIP Harvey Pekar.

    Hmmm, Natasha Lyonne in a movie? I thought she was all crazy and whatnot. I mean, she was at your train wreck celebrity party. I don’t know, I can’t look at her without thinking about that apartment she rented from Michael Rappaport. When she “moved out”, he found human poo on the floor. So…yeah.

    That’s really interesting about Ed Norton. You called it, his statement is way classier. The studio’s statement was pretty assholorific if you ask me. Don’t forget American History X, Jerry.

  5. please allow me to interrupt the intelligent convo for one moment:

    I WILL SEE ANYTHING ANTON YELCHIN IS IN. like, maybe even a scary movie. THAT is how much i love him.

    also, that thomas dekker dude in the natasha lyonne movie? he’s a cutie!

    ok, that’s it. carry on with yr smarty pants!

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