It’s News Day Tuesday! (sorta)

Extra! Extra! Burglars rot in hell for all eternity!

Due to the fact that I was totes burgled yesterday, I’m reserving the right to spend my lunch break reading a good book and eating pizza instead of blogging as I usually do. Here are two items in the meantime!

the avengers

Joss talks about the cancellation of Dollhouse, his kick-ass Astonishing X-Men comics series and his rewarding foray into filming The Avengers!


Director James Gunn gives us a sneak peek at his hotly-anticipated-by-me superhero spoof Super, starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and (!!!) Nathan Fillion. Read my review of Gunn’s (A+!) Slither here.

Okay, I will now resume my regularly scheduled session of sulking. Check out the archives, if you’re so inclined.

Review Preview:

the last exorcism

As soon as I can get my shit together!

One Response to “It’s News Day Tuesday! (sorta)”

  1. you deserve SEVERAL lunch breaks of eating pizza and reading a good book.

    i’m not a fan of torture porn, but if someone captured those burglars and made a movie about punishing them, I WOULD WATCH THE SHIZZ OUT OF IT.

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