It’s News Day Tuesday!

Extra! Extra! Marla's headed to Fantastic Fest!

 And I’m SO! EXCITED! about it! 

gandalf and magneto 

Sir Ian McKellen continues to win my heart, again, some more, by attending the gay rights anti-pope rally wearing an insanely bad-ass custom version of the official “Some people are gay. Get over it.” shirt. 


Guillermo del Toro has turned down an offer to direct the Superman reboot. I think I’m disappointed about that, but possibly relieved. It’s confusing up in here! 

red state 

Oh yeah! The utterly delightful John Goodman has joined the cast of Kevin Smith’s horror flick Red State, thereby increasing my interest significantly. 

super 8 

More casting news for JJ Abrams’ mystery-shrouded Super 8. Kyle Chandler (known to some of you as COACH!), Elle Fanning and Noah Emmerich have signed on, among others. 


Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie has an unsurprisingly star-studded cast list, with Winona Ryder, Martin Landau, Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara rounding out the voice talent. 


Horror Squad has a good interview with the directors of the upcoming thriller Devil, asking the Dowdle brothers the hard questions like: “Weren’t you dismayed that this project has M. Night Shyamalan’s name on it?” 

That’s all the scoop for now, friends. Check out the archives for more news and reviews! 

 Review Preview: 

costume in eye 

Tomorrow! Watchtower will have ALL SORTS of goodies in anticipation of this Friday’s premiere for the 10th and final season of Smallville. And next Monday I’ll begin recapping the new season! 

the dark tower 

Thursday! I’ll post the second volume to my Dark Tower Series Casting Call

fantastic fest 

Next week! I’m bringing Fantastic Fest TO YOU! Reviews and summaries of all the amazing movies I’ll be watching this weekend!

8 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. I’ve said it for a couple of months now: Winona Ryder’s comeback will begin this year. We’re in an age where our best stars are a bunch of over-indulged Malibu kids, and the collective Lohans. No one gives a crap anymore that a gifted actress stole a shirt, or whatever it was. Team Winona!

  2. jonathanbeitler Says:

    I went to see Devil this weekend and left the theater perplexed. What in the hell has happened to M. Knight? I mean, he did some pretty amazing movies back in the day… movies that I’m sure have made him a gazillionaire. Why should he continue to tarnish his image producing absolute pieces of shit like the apparently abhorrent Last Airbender (i believe the only people in the world who saw it were the critics) and now the sad, dull, and agonizingly lifeless rag doll of a movie, Devil. Shouldn’t he have enough money by now to never have to work again? I mean he’s the movie producer/writer version of the phrase “never go full retard.” He went full retard.

    Devil is a good-enough concept to be a pretty great thriller. It sort of reminds me of the cube trilogy – in that it’s shot in confined spaces (elevator, security room, office building) – and there’s a core group of people being affected by the mystery of the movie. Except that WE NEVER LEARN ANYTHING. There’s zero character development. There’s not a single character you want to connect with and hope “wins.” The death scenes are extremely lame. TWO OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS ARE KILLED IN THE EXACT SAME WAY – IN DIFFERENT DEATH SCENES. Come on. If you’re going to make a shitty movie at least give us some crazy and never-before-seen death sequences (a la My Bloody Valentine 3D).

    And, M. Knight, where was your classic “twist”? Myself and my movie buddy knew who the Devil was less than 10 minutes into the film. I thought for sure you’d end it with some kind of cliffhanger or awesome fiery hell pit that everyone dramatically descended into. But no. There was none of that. And yet you felt so confident in this that you used your own voice as the narrator. SHAME.

    Just go home, M. Knight. Or better yet get in an elevator and let the Devil kill you in a boring and completely un-scary way.

  3. jonathanbeitler Says:

    Ew it really sounds like i’ve jumped aboard and am now the conductor of the “I Hate M. Knight Shyamalan Train”… but i really do like his earlier things. and his concepts are good. I even kind of liked The Happening (it’s the tree-hugger in me).

  4. Ahh man, no TWIST, Jonny? That’s M Night’s bread and butter!

  5. I know it’s stupid to be excited for Super 8, but . . . I’m so excited for Super 8. ESPECIALLY NOW THAT COACH IS IN IT!

    I agree with Mandy. Free Winona! Oh, Winona, remember the 90s when you were my fictitious best friend? YOU STILL CAN BE.

  6. Oh MAN! I love Ian McKellen so hard. Also, I will totally see Frankenweenie, despite the fact that I have lost nearly all faith in Burton. I will see anything with Catherine O’Hara and Martin Landau!

  7. Uncle Mustache Says:

    Thanks for the scoop, Jonny. Now we don’t have to see Devil. I mean, I was kind of waiting to see how things shook out but I guess they just did.

    Man, Sir Ian is such a badass! Yes, use the ‘magic’ of your celebrity for the purpose of good. You tell that pope, Gandalf!

  8. i wish i could wear ian mckellen’s shirt and HAVE IT BE TRUE. ok, except the girl version. so it would say: I’M KATNISS AND LISBETH. GET OVER IT.

    i will definitely be joining erin in the SUPER 8 SPAZZFEST. esp. cos COACH TAYLOR! ILU. and a fanning! i’m a sucker for them.

    having just rewatched reality bites, i can say that i would LOVE to see winona make a comeback. in a world of sex videos and hard drugs, what’s a little shoplifting, anyway?

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