The Dark Tower Series Casting Call Round 3: Enemies

And thus! We reach the final volume of my Dark Tower Series Casting Call. Round 3: Enemies of the Tower! Or Foes of the Rose if you please.

the dark tower

But first! Read Round 1: The Ka-Tet of 19. I fantasy-cast Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake and Oy here.

And read Round 2: Allies of the Tower. I fantasy-cast the Pere, Patrick Danville, Calvin Tower, Aaron Deepneau, John Cullum, Moses Carver, Young Roland, Susan Delgado, Sheemie Ruiz, Cuthbert Allgood, Alain Johns, and Stephen King (uhm, duh) here.

Now! On to the scary stuff!

Randall Flagg/Marten Broadcloak/Walter O’Dim:

He is also John Farson, Richard Fannin, the Ageless Stranger, the Man in Black.  He has many names, and one name. His name is Legion. And he is a BAD motherfucker.

Gary Oldman:

Who but Gary Oldman could possibly deliver RF’s chameleonlike appearances throughout Stephen King’s entire body of work? Who could nail his powerful charisma, equally malevolent and enthralling? NO ONE, that’s who. Oldman is the only man for the job.


Rhea of the Cöos:

Rhea is a nasty, foul-smelling, mean-spirited old crone. She cackles, she rides a broomstick, she orchestrates evil against hapless young virgins. She’s pretty much your standard issue wicked witch.

lorna raver

Lorna Raver:

I know, this is totally cheating. But Lorna Raver made such a horrifically convincing gypsy witch in Drag Me to Hell, and her scenes terrorizing Alison Lohman are rather reminiscent of Rhea and Susan.

eldred jonas 2

Eldred Jonas:

Jonas is leader of the Big Coffin Hunters in old Mejis. He’s a failed gunslinger, lamed in one leg by the father of Roland’s teacher, Cort. He’s got tufted eyebrows, long silky white hair, and a white mustache. He’s often described as a white-haired wolf.

tom noonan

Tom Noonan:

Noonan is SO damned creepy in The House of the Devil.  Blurgh! He’s got the tufted eyebrows, the silky white hair, and he even looks right walking with a limp. He’s a little thinner on top than Jonas, but movie magic can fix that right up.

jack mort

Jack Mort:

The Pusher, whose bleak hobby shapes the fate of so many of our gunslingers, is described as having blonde hair and intense blue eyes with gold-rimmed glasses. He’s a big old creepy creep who creeps: in addition to “pushing,” he wears women’s underwear.

josh lucas

Josh Lucas:

I know this is so rude to say, but Josh Lucas has total Creep Face. I’m sure he’s a very nice man. And he’s a good actor, so even though he’s *probably* not actually a total sociopath, I’m confident he can deliver the performance of one admirably.


Enrico Balazar:

(That’s actually Eddie and his brother Henry, but they’re fighting in Balazar’s club. There’s no illustration of Balazar.) Balazar is a high-caliber drug kingpin in NYC. He’s a fat, second-generation Sicilian with a Mafioso quality and a quiet, intelligent voice. He has an associate degree from the NYU business school and is obsessed with building houses of cards. In other words, he’s a complicated man, that Enrico Balazar.


Vincent D’Onofrio:

You know who’s Sicilian, intelligent yet menacing, complex and has a cultured voice? D’ONO! Now you may be saying, “Marla, you’re just casting your favorite actors. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Viggo Mortensen, Vincent D’Onofrio…” and you wouldn’t be wrong. But that’s why it’s my fantasy-casting.  And you have to admit, D’Ono would be perfect.

jack andolini

Jack Andolini:

Jack “Old Double-Ugly” Andolini is Balazar’s number one lieutenant.  He’s got a bulging forehead and huge, bulky body. But despite his Cro-Magnon appearance, he’s very intelligent—and absolutely ruthless.

ron perlman 1

Ron Perlman:

Ron “Old Double-Ugly” Perlman wrote the book on Cro-Magnon. Look at him! Look at that noggin! And, yep, he’s also one of my favorite actors. Win.



He has the same piercing blue eyes as his father and a red birthmark on the heel of his foot. He transforms between a rapidly aging human boy and a spider. He’s angsty but thinks he’s evil, like all teenagers.

thomas dekker

Thomas Dekker:

Ugh, what is it about this kid’s face that makes me angry? Dekker’s been in a few horror flicks, Heroes and of course The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He looks exactly like an angsty-teenager-who-thinks-he’s-evil, so he’s Mordred up and down.

crimson king

The Crimson King:

et fin! We have reached the end of the Dark Tower Series casting call, with the ULTIMATE Big Bad. The biggest and the baddest: The Crimson King. He is the ancient ruler of evil who has lost his mind through the sheer ceaselessness of time. He’s been fucking shit up old school since the beginning of days, and by the time we meet him, he’s a crazed old man with a white beard and crimson eyes.

willem dafoe 2

Willem Dafoe:

No one does crazed and evil like Dafoe. The man IS EVIL INCARNATE. I mean, probably not really, but LOOK AT THOSE TEETH!

So thank you for humoring me through three whole volumes of Dark Tower fantasy-casting. If you know anyone in Hollywood, please feel free to forward them my ideas. And give me your own suggestions in the comments! Again, check out Volumes One (Ka-Tet of 19) and Two (Allies), too.

Update! Check out my casting call for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, too!

24 Responses to “The Dark Tower Series Casting Call Round 3: Enemies”

  1. Ugh, your Randall Flagg is PERFECT.

  2. D’ONO!!! YES! that man never gets enough pants (and by that i mean props. he probably owns many pairs of slacks).

    and GARY OLDMAN. ALWAYS GARY OLDMAN. it’s rare that i get to cast an older man on FYA, but when i do, it’s pretty much always gary.

    you’ve done an INSANELY SUPERB job on this casting, marla. then again, you’re the greatest dark tower expert i know, so i’m not surprised.


  3. Vincent can morph into any role that is handed to him. I would love to see him in The Dark Tower.

  4. Wow, you’re pretty much right on with your picks… I would suggest Kimberly Elise for Susannah/Odetta/Detta, though… I saw her in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and she’s AMAZING at changing her whole face with her emotions and she’s a good actress.

  5. That’s a great pick! I’ve never seen her in anything, but she looks perfect.

  6. Very nice work with your casting ideas. No way they could all get done, but it sure would be great if somehow all those actors were cast.

    Only one I would offer a counter suggestion for is Eldred Jonas…I’d like to see Sam Elliott in that role.

  7. Sam Elliott would surely be great; that’s a terrific suggestion. Glad you liked the picks!

  8. Hi, I’m from berlin/germany and I’m also absolutely obsessed of the dark tower novels. can’t await to watch the movie and to see how other people imagine rolands world(s). hope they won’t disappoint us.

    First of all: WOW, I absolutely agree with you in the choice of actors for the ka-tet. excepting shia lebeauf, I think his face isn’t rough enough. and hale berry would be a possible susannah, too. (watch this, if you don’t already know:

    I even would prefer sam elliot as jonas. who would be better?
    for walter/flagg I could imagine christopher walken to play that role. he can be such a charming bad-guy.
    when I read about jack andolini I had a guy like benicio del torro in “sin city” or Dalip Singh (“The Longest Yard”) in mind. both just look double-ugly.

    So just to say: Long Days and Pleasant Nights…

  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by and for your picks! That fan trailer is great.

  10. […] I cast the main ka-tet here, their allies and the Mejis kids here, and the baddies of the series here. Like It, Stumble It, Reddit     Tags Borders LineFeaturedRon HowardStephen […]

  11. I’d have to agree with Sam Elliot as Eldred Jonas. It’s spooky how many people pictured him as the same actor while reading the book.

    I hope the role of Mordred isn’t given to an angsty-teenager-style actor – that’s the sort of characterisation that made Mordred (and what he does to a certain character in the final volume) kind of annoying. Mordred needs to be portrayed by an actor who’s youthful but cool-looking, and who can make a convincingly creepy psychopath. My choice would be Cillian Murphy.

  12. Cillian Murphy is great as anything, and he certainly looks right, but I fear he’s too old. His face is pretty youthful, though.

  13. once again, perfect choices! i actually laughed out loud cause they were sooo good! hollywood should pick you up as a casting agent! damn!

  14. yay, thank you so much!

  15. Callahan O' The Roads Says:

    Some pretty good picks! I would try to cast as many unknowns as feasible, using stars who can disappear into a role.
    Gary Oldman as Nort , the weed eater.
    Carole Kane as Rhea of the Coos.
    Different actors as the many faces of Flagg/Marten Broadcloak/Walter O’ dim
    ABSOLUTELY Ron Perlman as Jack “Ol’ Double-Ugly” Andolini.
    FYI, the picture of Eddie naked has his brother Henry in it, not Roland.
    I keep picturing Micheal Madsen as Tick-Tock man (only blonder)
    Can’t wait for filming to start!
    Gods bless the Turtle!

  16. Oooh, I like Kane as Rhea! And thanks, I’ll edit to reflect that! (re: Henry in the pic of Eddie)

  17. Well, I agreed with all your cast, but when I’m reading the books, for me Eddie Dean appears to me like “The Edge” from WWE.

  18. D. R. Anglin Says:

    Gary Oldman would be amazing; he can play anybody!

    I’m with Sam Elliot for Jonas; he has the right look and authority ability, plus the limp talent (Roadhouse, anyone?)

  19. Holy hell, I love this. This post, the previous posts, everything. I’ve been a Tower junkie for around a year, and I love this. Keep on posting!

  20. Jesus Queso Says:

    I think Sam Elliot as Jonas and Jack Gleeson as Mordred would be great.

  21. dsefinately love the idea of Gina Torres, great actress, commanding and strong presence and age is irrelevent, the character was implied to be a lil older anyway

  22. Andy Serkis as Gasher, Paul Levesque as Tick-Tock Man,. For some strange reason, I kind of picture Jim Carey as the voice of Andy the Messenger Robot.

  23. Ralph Fiennes would be my choice for The Crimson King …he would be flawless

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