It’s News Day Tuesday!

golden globes

The Golden Globe nominations have been announced, and they’re all tedious and wrong and stupid, as per yuuzh.

Click here for the ‘splodey and slo-mo heavy Thor trailer. I know this is probably not the intended reaction, but all I got out of this trailer was “Yay! Agent Coulson!!”

why helloooo

Boo. My favorite champion of personal assistants everywhere, Pepper Potts, will not be in The Avengers. There probably wasn’t room for her fabulous wardrobe on set.

Because ZOMBIES ARE EVERYWHERE and you must run! Fleeeee!, the new Pirates movie will feature zombie pirates. Naturally. Teaser at the link.

Universal’s rebooting Firestarter as an “edgy” new franchise. Yawn. In other news, little Drew is SO ADORBS!

This is such a slow news week! That’s all I’ve got for you kids; check out the archives for more goodies.

Review Preview:

Later today, a look at the comparisons between Black Swan and Perfect Blue, over at Badass Digest

AW_Title w-Disney_w

Next week! Tron Legacy.

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