It’s News Day Tuesday!

christmas evil

Happy holidays, spooks. My gift to all the good boys and girls is plenty of juicy scoop, straight from their blogs to my blog to you!

cabin in the woods

It’s a Christmas miracle! MGM’s allegedly getting back on its feet, which is good news for the next Bond film, for The Hobbit and oh! oh! For Joss and Drew’s The Cabin in the Woods!


The trailer for Greg Mottola’s Paul, starring the unbeatable duo of Pegg and Frost along with Seth Rogen’s charming voice and every other comedic actor I have ever enjoyed in the past five years, is just totally adorable.

katee sackhoff

In what sounds like a pretty clever conceit, BSG badass Katee Sackhoff will play the title character in Sexy Evil Genius. Could be great, despite the fact that it will be headed by the showrunner on ABC Fam’s Greek, which is probably not a good show.

heather morris

Glee‘s resident delightful dumbass Heather Morris confirms that she’s in talks to play Buffy in the ill-advised remake. I still don’t give a shit about this remake, but that’s not bad casting.

jessica jones

Sweet! Marvel character Jessica Jones, a superhero turned seedy PI to the superheroes, will get her own TV series in Fall 2011. The show, called AKA Jessica Jones, is being created by Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and a TV series created by a woman about a woman that’s not on the WE channel or involving a matchmaker or divorce attorney is a blessing to television, indeed. Can’t wait to check this out. Tina Majorino’s old enough for this role now, right?

black death

You can check out the extravagantly dramatic trailer for Chris Smith’s Black Death here. Fear not, fanpersons: Sean Bean is as handsomely ginger-bearded as ever.

walking dead

Check this out: Look Ahead to Season Two of The Walking Dead. You can read my conversation with Henri and Devin for all of Season One over at Badass Digest.


God, I am so excited for Rian Johnson’s Looper. His Brick is one of my favorite movies, and this sci-fi assassin business sounds AMAZING! Starring my boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt along with Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and now Paul Dano (DAMN that’s a good cast), you can read some spoilery info here. WANT TO SEE.

That’s all for this week, my little elves! Check out the archives for more news and reviews!

Review Preview:

AW_Title w-Disney_w

Later this week!


Thursday! I shall endeavor to illustrate the lasting awesomeness of Scrooged, the best Christmas movie ever, over at Badass Digest.

6 Responses to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Also super excited to see what Rian Johnson has up his sleeve for what will be only his THIRD film. Can’t wait (and yes, the casting sounds pretty amazing)!

  2. I say this with a grain of salt approximately the size of The World’s Largest Ball of Twine, located in Bundy, Minnesota: Heather Morris is hilarious as Brittany (S. Pierce), however, that does not make her a good Buffy. She was a backup dancer before, and only started acting because she got a couple of good one-liners on “Glee”.
    Also, that “Paul” trailer reminds me that I want to do my own animated movie this year. Great News Day!

  3. i can’t wait to see Paul! It looks hilarious! i’m also a big fan of the Pegg/Frost combo. Hot Fuzz is one of my favorite movies so i REALLY can’t wait to see this one too!
    Also, cool website. ;)

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