It’s News Day Tuesday!

Yummy, sufficiently square-jawed British actor Henry Cavill has been cast as Zack Snyder’s Superman in the upcoming flick produced by Christopher Nolan. Cavill previously represented the hottest part of The Tudors as Charles Brandon. Hollywood can rest easy: I approve.

Now that The Dark Tower series adaptation is allegedly taking off, Hollywood is turning its eye to another epic Stephen King property, The Stand.  Warner Bros. are planning to adapt the film onto the big screen, unlike the lovably shitty 90s mini-series. This will need to be made into at least two movies, I believe.


In related news, Javier Bardem has officially been offered the part of Roland in The Dark Tower series. Bardem’s a fiercely talented, duly craggy actor, so I’m pleased. I’d be pleased-er if Bardem turned down the role and then it went to Viggo, but we can’t get everything we want, can we? Check out my Dark Tower casting call: Round One (the main ka-tet), Round Two (the allies) and Round Three (the villains). You can also read my thorough predictions for the upcoming adaptation here.

Bardem has also been offered the villain’s role in the latest Bond film, should MGM get its shit together and that movie ever actually happens. Bardem was also recently nominated for an Oscar and just had a baby with the brain-searingly hot Penelope Cruz, so he’s officially having the Best Week Ever.

the hobbit

The lovely and talented Saoirse Ronan reunites with her Lovely Bones director Peter Jackson for The Hobbit. She looks rather Elvish to me; this could work.

A show about hot and sexy zombies is coming to the C-Dubs! Those zombies are so hot right now! Hot and sexy!


Victorian zombies are evidently less hot right now, as director David O. Russell discusses why he’s out of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

That’s it for this week, folks. Check out the archives for more news and reviews, and tune in on Thursday for my Borders Line column at Badass Digest!

One Response to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. Uncle Mustache Says:

    Dude! Bardem is TOTALLY having the best week ever. Good for him. I think he can definitely handle the part of Roland of Gilead. I’m curious what his accent will sound like. I mean, they can make it sound like whatever they want so it could be anything.

    Also, those Hooters girls totally give me the wiggins.

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