When Will We See Guillermo’s Next CRONOS?

Yeah, yeah. We’re all excited about Frankenstein and At the Mountains of Madness. But when can we see Guillermo’s next original screenplay? Check out my post over at Badass Digest.

2 Responses to “When Will We See Guillermo’s Next CRONOS?”

  1. Last September, it was reported on HorrorYearbook.com that Del Toro was interested in adapting Stephen King’s ‘It’ and ‘Pet Sematary’. Since Hollywood is currently on a King frenzy (Dark Tower, The Stand), there’s a good chance those films might actually get made. I’m especially hoping Del Toro gets his hands on ‘It’… there are so many possibilities – it fits his work very well thematically and his visual style would be put to great use.

  2. That would be AMAZING, actually.

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