It’s News Day Tuesday!

dark shadows

Michelle Pfeiffer is in talks to reunite with her Batman Returns director Tim Burton, possibly joining Johnny Depp, Eva Green and Jackie Earle Haley for Dark Shadows. You can read a interview here with Barnabas Depp about the film.

wrong turn 2

The plot summary for the upcoming Wrong Turn 4 sounds nothing like a Wrong Turn movie. Whatever.

Check out the trailer and stills gallery for the Landis-produced Some Guy Who Kills People, starring the great Kevin Corrigan, Lucy Davis, Barry Bostwick and Karen Black! I really, really dig it.

Yay! Carpenter’s The Ward has a U.S. distributor! Ignore the shitty one-sheet and refresh yourself with the rad trailer.

The Coen Brothers are discussing doing a balls-out horror film, and that is awesome.

cabin in the woods

MGM is still yanking our chain about Joss and Drew’s horror flick The Cabin in the Woods.  I’ll believe it when I see it, dudes.


This rumor hints to what many of us have been hoping to hear since we learned that Favreau is out for Iron Man 3.  Shane Black, director of the phenomenal Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (okay, and writer of the Lethal Weapon movies, among others) is in the running to direct Iron Man 3.  Here’s hoping! Remember, Iron Man himself gave a delightful performance under Black for Kiss Kiss. (Read my review of Iron Man 2 here.)

Marion Cotillard is in talks to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises in a role suspected to be that of Thalia Al Ghul. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role is still unconfirmed, although he’s rumored to play Alberto Falcone. That makes rumors of two different spawn of the villains from Batman Begins, for those of you counting at home.

In other superhero movie news, the new Spidey will at long last be called The Amazing Spider-Man. And what’s up with the weird thumb thing on his sweet-ass new costume? Devin investigates.

The film adaptation of one of my all-time favorite comics, Vertigo’s Preacher, will probably never, ever come to pass. Personally, I would prefer that it never, ever come to pass over letting a slickster like DJ Caruso direct it.

walking dead

Frank Darabont has hired Glen Mazzara as his righthand producer/writer for The Walking Dead, and contrary to earlier rumors, the show will use a traditional writing staff (rather than freelancers) for the second season. Re-read our TV Talk conversation of the first season of the show over at Badass Digest.


And last but certainly not least, MICHAEL ROSENBAUM IS RETURNING TO SMALLVILLE! He’ll reprise Lex Luthor in the series finale! Thank jeebus!

Phew–lotta scoop this week. Check back next week, and in the meantime you can always dig through the archives for more news and reviews!

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