It’s News Day Tuesday!

ww rain

As you’ve likely heard by now, Adrianne Palicki is David E. Kelley’s new Wonder Woman. Solid casting. Pity she’ll be wasted on such a suck of a show. Linda Carter supports the new show, for whatever that is worth.

Mila Kunis is out for the Hughes Bros.’ live action Akira and in for Sam Raimi’s Oz, The Great and Powerful along with James Franco (replacing Robert Downey, Jr.) in the titular role. Kunis will play the Wicked Witch of the West in her younger, fairer years. Raimi, Franco and Kunis make an appealing team, particularly when paired with the great writer David Lindsay-Abaire. I’m in. (Read my review of Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell here.)


As desperately hoped for last week, Shane Black is confirmed to direct Iron Man 3. Hells to the yes!

As desperately dreaded last week, DJ Caruso will be directing the Preacher adaptation. This is going to be devastatingly shitty, y’all.

Aww, Joss Whedon’s Firefly is returning to cable! In syndication, obvs, but still. Cute. Check it out if you never have, and please enjoy this interview with Browncoat Nathan Fillion.

superman flight

Kevin Costner is going to be in Zack Snyder’s Superman. Devin weighs the options. He’d make a solid Pa Kent, which sources seem to indicate.

You say the words “3D” and “Dracula,” I start to drowse off. You say the words “Dario Argento” and “Rutger Hauer” and I wake the fuck up. This is a quandary, my friends. A quandary. He’ll play Van Helsing. Awesomely, to be sure.

That’s it for this week, kids. Dig into the archives for more news and reviews, and tune in on Thursday for my column over at Badass Digest!

One Response to “It’s News Day Tuesday!”

  1. TYRA!!!! I actually squealed out loud when that news broke. Apparently, my love for FNL alumni >>>> my hatred for DEK.

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