An Impassioned Defense of JENNIFER’S BODY

Rewatching JENNIFER’S BODY just reminds me what a damned shame it is that this movie was panned and ignored. I blame you.

Check out my post at Badass Digest, wherein I make an impassioned defense of the movie, of screenwriter Diablo Cody and yes, of Megan Fox.

3 Responses to “An Impassioned Defense of JENNIFER’S BODY”

  1. Megan no h Says:

    amen. i really dug this movie. the fact that is was mostly panned was bizarre. i actually though megan did a great job – she eerily reminded me of a friend in high school.

  2. I am one of the few guys that liked it. The first time i watched it i was kind of disapointed but only because it wasn’t what i expected.but that was the fault of wrong advertising of the movie on tv.but shortly after that i re-watched it again and again and it became very entertaining and funny. I also like the gore factor and megan fox transition into this maneater. The omly question is why the girls became friends at all. i am asking myself because they are the total oposite of each other.but what the heck,in movies is everything possible. A gret entertaining,funny,dark,gory tale of a friendship with at steaming hot megan fox! So to all that hate the movie: “screw you” But maybe you should try to give it a second shot. It is definitely on of a kind!

  3. Sorry it should say one of a kind

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