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Review Preview

Posted in Blog News with tags , on April 4, 2011 by xymarla

Yes! That’s right! There will be an actual, new review on this blog tomorrow! That isn’t just a link to one of my posts at Badass Digest!

My delightful job at BAD has kept me pretty busy, and as you may have noticed, I’ve decided to forgo my weekly News Day Tuesday post. I love this blog and I’m done neglecting it, but I want to spend my time here writing fun reviews instead of just linking to news on other blogs. So check back tomorrow for my review of haunted house blockbuster Insidious! And I promise to keep this shit up.

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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 Stick around to the end of the post for some exciting updates in Marla land!


Christopher Nolan has revealed the catchy title of his third Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises. He rules out The Riddler as the film’s villain, which leaves…who? Deadshot? Catwoman? Poison Ivy? Harley Quinn? Mr. Freeze?! WHO WILL IT BE?


Dig the deets on the new The Howling flick, currently in post-production. Continue reading

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Extra! Extra! Marla's shaking things up at Danny Isn't Here!

You heard it here first, folks! Maybe you noticed the fancy new header? (Please save your oohs and ahhs until the end of the post.) Even more exciting, I’ve restructured the categories! So now they make actual, real sense! And you can use them to find things! In addition to using our search function (search “Frank Langella” and you’ll find every post that refers to him. It’s a very useful tool.), you can always find every archived post organized in an easy way under the Site Index or by perusing the categories on the homepage sidebar. This post will be categorized under “News Day Tuesday,” “Movie News” and “TV News,” for instance. Erin’s SATC2 post will be archived under “Contributor: Erin” and “Film Review.” Tomorrow’s Splice post can be found under “Film Review,” “Horror Movie Review” and “Sci-Fi Movie Review.” (But decidedly not under “A+ Review” which will be saved for those films that earn the highest grade. Alas, Splice hella doesn’t.)

 So let’s get to it!  


You can find the first two trailers for Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World here, as well as a panel-by-panel comparison of the nods to the original comic material. Looks awesome!  


More details regarding the roller coastery Fright Night remake. Yes, the cast is good, but it’s set in…Vegas? What happened to quaint little Everytown, USA? And the Peter Vincent character (originally played by the great Roddy McDowall) will be a Criss Angel type? Uhm ew. Read my review of the original Fright Night here.  

Some great images and a behind-the-scenes peek at AMC’s summer series adaptation of the phenomenal comic The Walking Dead at the linkContinue reading

Marla Has a Shiny New Blog!

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That’s right! Today is the day that I unleash the full magnitude of my geekiness upon the internet! Because…

I’ve started a blog devoted entirely to Smallville! Feast your brains on THIS:

In honor of the 10th and final season, I am no longer able to restrain myself from blogging CONSTANTLY about this show. However,  I don’t want to subject loyal DIH readers to the incessant posts, so instead, I shall only subject you to incessant LINKS to those posts on my new blog!

I’ve already copied my DIH Smallville posts onto Watchtower and I’m going to post tons of new stuff there all the time. So give a sister a hand and check out my welcome post. And if you’re curious about the title, go here.

Happy Birthday, blog!

Posted in Blog News, Random Tidbits on February 12, 2010 by xymarla

That’s right everyone—Danny Isn’t Here is officially one year old! Thanks for sticking by me for 365 days of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comic book flicks and other stuff I like!

To check out an archive of every review and post I’ve ever done over the past year, from Hellraiser to Zombieland, go here.

In the next year I hope to turn News Day Tuesday into a vlog, restructure my categories and just generally try to refine my messy little baby. If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, hit me up!

Updates and Improvements to Danny Isn’t Here!

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We're new and improved, y'all!

With the help of Reverend Jon and Mr. Marla, I’m shaking things up here at DIH! The two latest format changes are all about user-friendliness, because lordy knows I don’t want this site to be like AICN, all jumbled and wacky and aesthetically displeasing. You guys would tell me if that were the case, right? Lay it on me.

You may notice when scanning the homepage that the posts have been abbreviated. Rather than being forced to skim the entirety of the most recent posts, you can now choose which posts you’d like to read by clicking on the “read more” button! Although you should read every word of every post, because they’re all brilliant. Obviously.

But the even more exciting update is the addition of a Site Index! Continue reading

the scoop.

Posted in Blog News on September 28, 2009 by xymarla

I’m going to be taking a three-week hiatus from ye olde blogge for nuptial purposes. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Your little Marla is joining the esteemed ranks of these ladies!

bride 1 by you.

Continue reading

No News Day Tuesday This Week!

Posted in Blog News on May 12, 2009 by xymarla

Extra! Extra! FTC Fights Fraud! Also, no News Day Tuesday this week!

I’ve been reading this book called The Artist’s Way and embracing the time-consuming process it teaches. It’s supposed to help me reach my creative potential, and it’s been insanely helpful and really fun, but one of this week’s tasks is something that struck terror into my heart the moment my eyes fell upon it: this is reading deprivation week. I can’t read ANYTHING so as not to clog up these pretty brain pipes of mine with a bunch of other people’s words. Thus, no madcap scouring of all the genre blogs the internet has to offer this week, and in turn, no news to offer you, my lovely readers.

So here’s a brief list of some of the websites I typically peruse in order to bring you your Tuesday news:

Continue reading


Posted in Blog News on March 24, 2009 by xymarla

For some reason, WordPress has gone crazytoons and taken Marla with it. I’ve got a nice, juicy News Day Tuesday all saved up for you guys, and once WordPress lets me, I’ll post it. Until then, ARGHHHH!