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PARTY DOWN Scoop, Videos and Exclusive Interview!

Posted in Interview, Television News with tags , , , on June 30, 2011 by xymarla

Last weekend, I attended The Ultimate Party Down Marathon in Austin, and I’ve been writing it up all week!

I got to interview the cast and creators, which was pretty much the biggest thing I’ve ever done, including being born and getting married. Read it!

You can watch the intro from the marathon and see some great pics here. And here are some great vids, including creator Rob Thomas talking about the very real possibility of a Party Down movie and Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan discussing their karaoke numbers from the night before!

Dudes, look. IT’S NICK OFFERMAN.

So yeah, it was pretty much the greatest weekend of my life. The ensuing 70 years or so are just one dismal descent into tedium and mediocrity. Cheers!

[photos by Jack Plunkett]

The Princess and the Frog

Posted in Film Review, Interview with tags , , on December 7, 2009 by xymarla

Check out my review of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog on 29-95!

You can also check out my interview with two of the animators for the film here!


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You may remember that I had an interview with Deadgirl screenwriter Trent Haaga back in July, and that I was supposed to host the film at the River Oaks Theatre during its midnight release run. The theatre received a bum print and I never got a chance to see it. Until last night.

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Interview with Charles Band

Posted in Interview with tags , , , on October 22, 2009 by xymarla


I’m back! Married and scary and ready to deliver the spooky goods! You’ll be seeing lots more action on DIH here in the next few weeks, and I’m going to be shaking things up with some new formatting changes and loads of new content. It’s all VERY EXCITING!

But in the meantime, check out my interview of Charles Band, producer of the Puppetmaster series and of most of my favorite Stuart Gordon flicks, on!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing-along featuring Amber Benson!

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Guys, I met Amber Benson! I attended the Once More With Feeling sing-along in Houston this Saturday, sat right next to Tara Amber as she sang “I’m Under Your Spell” with MC Henri, and lucky for you, I wrote it all up for! Check it.

buffy by you.

Interview with Trent Haaga

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Check out my interview with Deadgirl screenwriter Trent Haaga on!

Interview with William Kong

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blood the last vampire poster by you.

Check out my interview with Blood: The Last Vampire producer William Kong on!