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Smallville: Absolute Justice links, news, spoilers and pics!

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Updated! 2.5.10

It’s Recommends Day Wednesday ’round these parts, and I’m here to recommend a historic television event that will MELT YOUR FACES CLEAR OFF YOUR HEADS! Smallville: Absolute Justice, the 2-hour movie event, will air this Friday, 2.5.10, on The CW (8/7c). And holy lord, I cannot WAIT.

This movie isn’t just for established fanpersons of my favorite show—it’s for comic geeks everywhere. Smallville has employed DC Comic legend Geoff Johns to bring the Justice Society of America to Metropolis to shake things up for Clark, Oliver, Chloe & co. For non-nerds (what are you doing here?), the JSA was the precursor to the Justice League of America, of which Superman, Green Arrow, Batman & The Flash (to name a few) are a part. Johns is focusing on Hawkman, Stargirl, Doctor Fate and villain Icicle for this unprecedented television event, and we’ll also get our first look at Amanda Waller‘s Checkmate operation, a multi-episode arc going to the divine Pam Grier. And did I mention the superb Phil Morris is back as Martian Manhunter/John Jones? Smallville is bringing it this season, and OMG I’M SO EXCITED I MIGHT ACTUALLY EXPLODE!! Continue reading

Link Drop!

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I was planning on doing a Recommends Day Wednesday post today, but the internet is so aflutter with NEWS MADE ESPECIALLY FOR ME, I just had to share in my mirth.

So, I absolutely adore Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty.  I’m sort of COMPLETELY OBSESSED with her. She’s like the Alexis Carrington of Disney!

That’s me on the left, battling Harry Potter in an epic clash of magical good versus evil.

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Quick Link Drop, Review Preview

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Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are poster looks just about right.


Both Frog brothers are in for the straight-to-vid Lost Boys 3. Riveting?

Review Preview:

Near Dark this week, Superman/Doomsday next week, and I’m trying to decide whether or not to watch and review Alex Proyas’ Friday release Knowing. What do you guys think? I mean, it has Nic Cage in it, which means it has a 5% chance of being outrageously magnificent (Adaptation, Raising Arizona) and a 95% chance of stinking like a hatful of assholes (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, ConAir, and every other movie he’s ever made). But then there’s also Alex Proyas. Help Marla out! Do you guys care about this movie at all?

Link Drop

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Daft Punk + Tron 2 = How did no one think of this before?


Yeah that’s right, they’d BETTER not.

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Link Drop

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First, news that is outrageously exciting…to me! And a few other people! Smallville Season 9 is a go!


Nick Fury is here to stay, yo.

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