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Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Stuck

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Woohoo! I saw a new(ish, 2007) Stuart Gordon movie and loved it! That man’s still got it. Not that I could or shall ever doubt him.

stuck poster by you.

Stuck is based on this absolutely awful true story of Texas woman Chante Jawan Mallard. Gordon clearly didn’t conceive of the film as straight-up horror so much as a horrific thriller, but like every Gordon filmStuck boasts a scene or seven of some major grue that you wish were not assaulting your eyeballs. It also boasts some majorly gruesome cornrows that you wish weren’t assaulting your eyeballs. 

deer in headlights by you.

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Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Castle Freak

Posted in Film Review, Horror Movie Review, Retrospective, Retrospective: Stuart Gordon with tags , , , , on May 8, 2009 by xymarla

Something happened to me this week that hasn’t happened in many years. Something both wonderful and terrible. Something I thought I’d missed, but I was wrong.

A horror movie gave me a nightmare. That movie? Castle Freak.

castle freak poster 2 by you.

The thing is, I’ve seen this movie before. At least twice! And I do not remember having been quite so frightened. It REALLY scared me, you guys! It’s both odd and cool that, unlike one’s tolerance with alcohol, the more scary movies I watch, the more of a lightweight I seem to become. It’s pretty great, because the thing I like most about scary movies is being scared, and it would suck if that part went away. Still, yeeps!

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Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Dagon

Posted in Film Review, Horror Movie Review, Retrospective, Retrospective: Stuart Gordon with tags , , , , , on April 23, 2009 by xymarla

Dagon is actually the first Stuart Gordon movie I ever watched, back in 2001, and I instantly discovered that I had been remiss in waiting so long to celebrate this guy’s catalogue.  He’s now one of my favorite directors and the very first person I chose to kick off my new retrospective series—mostly for the excuse to rewatch his many exceptionally strange films. Gordon has long impressed me as a prolific artist who defends the quality of his vision, circumventing the frustrating production company system when necessary to deliver high-caliber films that are entirely his.

As quickly as Re-animator, Castle Freak and all the rest became established favorites of mine, I’ll always have a cozy place in my heart for the peculiar little Dagon.


dagon poster by you.

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