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Borders Line: It’s Time To Surrender The Multi-Camera Sitcom

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CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL > THE BIG BANG THEORY in quality, humor, originality…in everything except viewers and Emmy nominations.

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Borders Line: Here’s A Bunch Of Stuff You Should Watch

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Today I’m offering up some odds and ends. I’ve intended to write a separate post for most of these shows and movies that I’ve lately enjoyed (or in many cases, enjoyed for the fourth or fifth time), but the days are waning and I’m experiencing an increasingly desperate need to push these recommendations on you as soon as possible. Much of the below is available free-streaming, because that’s how I relish most of my entertainment. Cheaply, and from the pajamas-clad comfort of my couch.
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Borders Line: When A Television Show Defies Our Expectations

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In the past two weeks, legions of fans have revolted over unexpected developments in Game of Thrones and The Killing. Audiences for both shows are irate over the unforeseen death of an important character in the former and an abrupt cliffhanger in the latter. Hordes of viewers have threatened to stop watching, bloggers (this one included) have written scathing criticisms, and Twitter is rife with the 140-character equivalent of shaking an indignant fist. The smart viewers rail against trite and formulaic TV plots, so why is it that when a popular show defies our expectations, we riot?

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THE KILLING Season One Wrap-Up

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People are incensed at last night’s season finale of THE KILLING, but that’s hardly the worst crime this crime drama committed. Spoilers within my post over at Badass Digest.

Full disclosure: I loved the pilot. You can read my hilariously optimistic review of that episode here.

I Am A Rational Adult Who Loves Smallville

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Tomorrow, the two-hour series finale of Smallville will air, a culmination of ten years of triumphs and missteps in a show that I cannot help but love. Loving this show with my unceasing critical eye has not been an easy journey; Smallville has never made it easy.  But it’s a journey I’ve cherished, and so, on the eve of its finale, I defend Smallville in the face of astonishment and contempt. Read it over at Badass Digest.

Borders Line: Farewell To Michael Scott, The World’s Best Bad Boss

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Tonight marks Steve Carrell’s departure from The Office after seven seasons of making us cringe, flinch, wince and laugh as the bumbling Michael Scott. For the Dunder Mifflinites, Michael’s move to Colorado with Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) will surely be bittersweet. As tenderly and tearfully as his employees serenaded him last week, I have to imagine that in reality, the change would be more sweet than bitter. Michael Scott can be well-meaning and loyal, true. He can also be ignorant, small-minded, petty and often cruel. He’s the boss you’d hate to have but love to watch. He has reached moderate heights of surprising competence, and far more often, staggering depths of humiliating ineptitude. In honor of Steve Carrell’s brilliant, hilarious, painful performance, I offer you several of Michael Scott’s most excruciating moments–and a precious few moments of triumph.

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TV Review: AMC’s THE KILLING Pilot: “The Cage”

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AMC’s The Killing premiered last night with a compelling two-hour episode that could set the standard for the new procedural drama. Read all about the absolutely terrific pilot with my non-spoilery review over at Badass Digest!

Parks and Recreation Returns Tonight!

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One of the best comedies on television returns tonight after a torturous eight-month hiatus. If you’ve never seen PARKS AND REC, or you gave it up after the lukewarm first season, here’s what you need to know (over at Badass Digest).

The Walking Dead ep 1.06 “TS-19”

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Episode 1.06 “TS-19” Airdate 12.5.10

Directed by Guy Ferland, Written by Adam Fierro


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The Walking Dead ep 1.05 “Wildfire”

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Episode 1.05 “Wildfire” Airdate: 11.28.10

Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson, Written by Glen Mazzara


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