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The Princess and the Frog

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Check out my review of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog on 29-95!

You can also check out my interview with two of the animators for the film here!

The Fourth Kind

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Check out my review of The Fourth Kind on!

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Did everyone have a horrifantastic Halloween? Ready to get down to business now? Let’s do it!


As you have likely heard, Halcyon is putting the rights to Terminator up for sale, hoping to get around $70 mil despite McG’s best efforts to render the franchise worthless.

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Interview with Charles Band

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I’m back! Married and scary and ready to deliver the spooky goods! You’ll be seeing lots more action on DIH here in the next few weeks, and I’m going to be shaking things up with some new formatting changes and loads of new content. It’s all VERY EXCITING!

But in the meantime, check out my interview of Charles Band, producer of the Puppetmaster series and of most of my favorite Stuart Gordon flicks, on!

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

What up, friends? Marla here with all the grue news you can use!

val kilmer

Boring and derivative Chaos Experiment trailer here. Why do directors always insist on putting Val Kilmer in a turtleneck these days? Homeboy is missing the required equipment to rock that style.

the thaw

 I much prefer the look of Kilmer’s upcoming The Thaw, which has a groovy, grody and fast-paced trailer. My interest may also have something to do with my boyfriend Aaron Ashmore’s involvement. Yay Jimmy!

Ashmore’s also supposed to be the male lead in this movie. Oh how I love that he’s becoming a little scream king!

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