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Does Oscar Reward Smaller Budgets?

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The bigger the budget, the smaller the chance at nabbing an Oscar? If so, tough luck, Inception and Toy Story 3. Check out my post over at Badass Digest for the scoop.

Parks and Recreation Returns Tonight!

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One of the best comedies on television returns tonight after a torturous eight-month hiatus. If you’ve never seen PARKS AND REC, or you gave it up after the lukewarm first season, here’s what you need to know (over at Badass Digest).

Netflix Streaming Is The Reason I Hate Outside

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Oh, Netflix, you sly minx. The company is now catering to the utterly lackadaisical among us by adding a Netflix button to remote controls that operate TVs, blu-ray players and gaming systems offering the instant Netflix streaming service. No longer must we degrade ourselves by pushing, like, three different buttons to get our Netflix fix! Long gone are the dark days of walking to our mailboxes in the tyrannical outdoors. Today, my friends, is our Independence Day!

I’m celebrating this advance in Technology For The Inert And Agoraphobic by cataloguing some of the best that Netflix streaming currently has to offer over at Badass Digest. Check it out!

Is Black Swan the Perfect Blue Remake We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Guys, I have a new column over at Badass Digest! I AM SO EXCITED! My first post is about the similarities of Aronofsky’s Black Swan and the 1998 anime Perfect Blue. CHECK IT OUT and leave a sister a comment, yo!

My first Walking Dead post at Badass Digest!

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OH MAN I AM SO EXCITED! It’s up, you guys! Already!!

guts blending in

Constant readers (all both of you) may notice that I mined a bit from my DIH Walking Dead posts for this baby, but most of it’s new, so please support a sister and check it out! It’s gonna be a weekly thing, so I’ll just start linking to those posts rather than writing new ones on here—but you’ll still get your weekly Walking Dead fix, fear not!

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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 Stick around to the end of the post for some exciting updates in Marla land!


Christopher Nolan has revealed the catchy title of his third Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises. He rules out The Riddler as the film’s villain, which leaves…who? Deadshot? Catwoman? Poison Ivy? Harley Quinn? Mr. Freeze?! WHO WILL IT BE?


Dig the deets on the new The Howling flick, currently in post-production. Continue reading