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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Extra! Extra! Only Amy Heckerling has the power to make vampires awesome again!

 Star Krysten Ritter reveals that Amy Heckerling’s next film will be a “Clueless for vampires,” a premise which seems capable of single-handedly reviving the dwindling empire of sparkle moodiness. 


The Superman reboot will be written by Batman Begins and Blade screenwriter David Goyer. This is good news! The remake will not star Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth and it will not be directed by Bryan Singer. This is also good news! 


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I was in sixth grade the first time I saw Bernard Rose’s exceptional 1992 film Candyman.

candyman poster by you.

It scared the living shit out of me. I was at my friend Hayley’s house, trying to fall asleep in her bedroom, which suddenly seemed absolutely beset with mirrors.  I remember telling myself, “You’ll never be able to sleep if you don’t prove it’s not real.” So I walked into the bathroom, closed the door behind me, turned off the lights and said “Candyman” five times in the mirror.

film_candyman by you.

I cannot fucking believe I did that.

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Horrific Perfection

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Hi there. I’ve been meaning to get this blog off the ground for a long time, considering I’ve spent the past several years writing reviews of horror movies only to do nothing but save them to my desktop. So here we are.

Before I get into more recent or mediocre films, I’d like to get this baby rolling with a discussion on what I consider to be The Perfect Horror Movie: Hellraiser.

hellraiser by you. 

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