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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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It’s a quickie today, folks! Sorry for the systemic whittling down of DIH, but I promise to beef it back up with a vengeance in 6 weeks (aka: post-nuptially).

hunger games

Posh D has unveiled a new blog: Forever Young Adult! Also featuring Erin, frequent commenter here! I am forever in PD’s debt after she loaned me Hunger Games, so take her recommendations very seriously, folks.

20th Century Fox is rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise, hopefully with an entirely new cast and creative team because the last ones sucked ass.

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Dollhouse Renewed!!!

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I’m sure most of you know this already (I don’t like to blog on the weekends), but DOLLHOUSE HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR 13 EPISODES!!!

Which is more than enough time to prove accurate the theory my friends and I have formed. Scroll over to highlight the below hidden text if you’d like:

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Dollhouse End of Season Review

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Well, Friday marked Dollhouse‘s final episode of the seri…season! I mean season! We’ll most likely find out during the May 18 Fox upfronts whether we’ll get a chance to follow in season two the many intriguing plot lines left all dangly and enticing with the season finale, “Omega.” Here are the (mostly) non-spoilery questions I’m dying to have answered:

  • Will we ever find out Mellie/November/Madeleine’s full story?
  • What the hell is going on with Topher and “Dr. Saunders”? There’s definitely a provocative history there.
  • How’s Ballard going to manage his new position?
  • Exactly how big (and evil) is the Rossum Corporation?
  • What “girl” brought Boyd to the Dollhouse?
  • When oh when will we see Alpha again?
  • What’s going to happen with Victor next season?
  • Will I ever be as frosty awesome as Adelle Dewitt?

So many questions! Please oh please let them have the opportunity to be answered. In the meantime, here’s a brief recap of the roller coastery season.  (You can find my recap of the pilot here, my mid-season review here, and my brief review of the fantastic penultimate episode “Briar Rose” here.) SPOILERS BELOW!

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Dollhouse WOAH!

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HOLY CRAP, you guys!

425.dollhouse.051508 by you.

If you haven’t watched last Friday’s Dollhouse ep “Briar Rose”… !!!! Watch it immediately! If you have watched it, WATCH IT AGAIN.

ALPHA! Victor! Doc Saunders! Gross Ballard! VICTOR!


Fox, if you cancel this show after lighting the fire of obsession within the cockles of my soul…I will CUT YOU.

Ah-hem. That is all. Carry on.