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The Official Smallville Drinking Game!

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Hey, it’s official if I say it’s official!  But official or no, I can guarantee that it is the BEST Smallville Drinking Game.

I'm gonna mess you up!

Mr. Marla and I invented this game many years ago, bumming a few rules here and there from other drinking games we’ve found, but mostly of our own creation. And we play it a lot. Like, A LOT. Okay, more like…all the time. Don’t judge us! It’s really fun!

So obviously some of these rules only apply to early seasons, because we re-watch the old DVDs all the time. And regardless, I still find myself mightily tipsy playing this game during the current season, since most of these rules (read: “Clark”) are timeless.

Without further ado!

toastDrink ONCE every time…:

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Smallville Season 9 Report Card

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(Update! This is the mid-season report card. You can find the final report card for all of Season 9 here!)


Hello Smallville fans! This post is for you today–that’s right, every single one of you!

As previously posted on DIH, producers are marveling that the typical death knell that is the Friday Night Move is proving to not be as lethal as expected for our resilient little show. Smallville’s pretty much kicking ass and taking names in the Friday night department (hardly a juggernaut evening, but still), and producers and other PTB are already talking about a 10th season.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

We’ve made it through another Monday, friends! Let’s celebrate with scoop!

2995 by you.

Go here for my weekly movie roundup on 29-95! I’ve got dish on this week’s box office, The Vampire’s Assistant, Leo and Ridley’s update of Brave New World, the Fraggle Rock movie and Dark Crystal sequel, Wall Street 2, a new adaptation of Dune, Guillmero del Toro’s upcoming projects, Green Hornet, the MJ movie, and District 9!

district 9 by you.

You can catch more District 9 clips here. As Mr. Disgusting suggests, I’m avoiding any clips or spoilers from the movie so I can get face-melted proper, but far be it from me to make that decision for you!

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