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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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by Reverend Jon

Each generation loves nothing more than to revel in the nostalgia of their collective childhood experiences. As time passes, the negative aspects fade and what remains is a mythologized patchwork of rosy memories and optimistic historical events. For the baby-boomers, this translates into the narrative of perfect, happy, family-centric post-war America where the men were men and the women were ornamental that fuels so much of the Andy-Rooney-ish kvetching about the current state of affairs.


For my generation, born into culturally-relativist-post-post-war TV Land, this nostalgia translates into the current trend of pro-unicorn, 8-bit-loving, three-wolves-howling, super-hero-horny, i-love-the-80s, pop-up-video memedom. And it is this fuel that propels the pitch-perfect Scott Pilgrim vs. the World through its hour and fifty-two minutes of awesomeness. Continue reading

It’s Newsday Tuesday!

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by guest blogger Jerry!

*Better Late Than Never Edition!

Welcome to Newsday Tuesday – the Wednesday edition!

Let’s start with a quick hat tip to New York Magazine for pointing out that something’s missing from the American poster for Iron Man 2….

Seriously, Mickey Rourke and a giant explosion should be included in every poster for every movie, always.  Get it straight, Jon Favreau.

In what may be the most thrilling alliance of director and material since his last movie, David R. Ellis has signed on to direct Shark Night 3D! Shooting this Summer in Louisiana, Shark Night 3D brings together the producing team from Hostel, the director of The Final Destination (3D) and Snakes On a Plane, and the FX team behind Anaconda. I know, right?!  Read the gruesome details here. Continue reading

Mother (Madeo) 2009

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by: Reverend Jon

How can you go wrong with a director whose name includes the words “Ho” and “Bong”? The answer: not at all! I have not had the pleasure of seeing many of Mr. Bong’s movies, but when my friend over at Grad Gastronomy recommended The Host to me a few years ago, I was delighted by his clever mix of creature horror, humor, and little guy vs. Big Brother. When the bf and I saw the trailer for Mother (shown before House) we looked at each other with “got to see that” looks on our faces. Continue reading

David Cronenberg Retrospective: Videodrome

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by: Reverend Jon

When Marla allowed me to choose which movie to review for the David Cronenberg Retrospective, Videodrome was my answer. The movies that resonate with me are those that explore real issues and fears and cause me to think differently about life and the world around me. Videodrome is undoubtedly that kind of movie.

Videodrome is about intersections, or perhaps even collisions, between loaded concepts: pain and pleasure, technology and the human body. I will say right now that it is easy to watch this movie and dismiss it as dated and irrelevant, cheesy even, but I argue that the underlying ideas are relevant today.

From the very beginning, we know that this is no ordinary movie. We are introduced to Max Renn (James Woods, whose waxy complexion lends itself to the manual effects) by his wakeup call, which at first seems eerily prescient, a woman on TV addressing the viewer by name and who knows the date, but then later we realize that this was recorded in advance. Continue reading

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Faithful flock, it’s me again, Reverend Jon!

Finally! A Family Ties spinoff.

Finally! A Family Ties spinoff.

Canal Plus, a.k.a. The Euro HBO, a.k.a. the people behind every interesting foreign film you’ve seen, have given the go-ahead to a 12 episode mini-series based on the lives of everyone’s favorite incestuous murders (and no I don’t mean the Menendez brothers): the Borgias! This project is apparently going to be competing with a similar project headed up by Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview with a Vampire) on Showtime.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Hello again, unwilling congregants, to another Church of Friend-sponsored edition of News Day Tuesday. Back so soon, Reverend Jon? you ask. Better believe it, I answer. Let’s get right to it!

I want <i>you</i> to be my next tween ruf-ee!

I want you to be my next tween ruf-ee!

Rosemary’s Baby-Daddy and internationally-recognized pederast Roman Polanski was, as you have probably heard, arrested in land-of-watches-chocolate-and-extradition Switzerland this past week. This development has forced difficult questions such as: How many wonderful movies make up for drugging and fornicating with a thirteen-year-old nymphette? Five, six? The decision is, ultimately, up to the Swiss judiciary system.

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It’s New Day Tuesday!

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Mrs. Torrance, today Marla isn’t here either. So it’s me, Reverend Jon from the Church of Friend here! The ever lovely Marla has asked me to help out this week and guest-post her News Day Tuesday. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy blogpost.

Marla and a pre-op Reverend Jon facing off at an historic cocktail party.

Marla and a pre-op Reverend Jon facing off at an historic cocktail party.

So, when I was called in off of the blogger bench to pinch hit for Marla, the first piece of news that got me all semi-hard was the possibility of a Jeff Bridges-Coen Brothers Reunion. It would be a remake of the only movie my grandfather has not one but Two VHS copies of—True Grit. Bridges would reprise John Wayne’s role.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

We’ve made it through another Monday, friends! Let’s celebrate with scoop!

2995 by you.

Go here for my weekly movie roundup on 29-95! I’ve got dish on this week’s box office, The Vampire’s Assistant, Leo and Ridley’s update of Brave New World, the Fraggle Rock movie and Dark Crystal sequel, Wall Street 2, a new adaptation of Dune, Guillmero del Toro’s upcoming projects, Green Hornet, the MJ movie, and District 9!

district 9 by you.

You can catch more District 9 clips here. As Mr. Disgusting suggests, I’m avoiding any clips or spoilers from the movie so I can get face-melted proper, but far be it from me to make that decision for you!

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

What up, friends? Marla here with all the grue news you can use!

val kilmer

Boring and derivative Chaos Experiment trailer here. Why do directors always insist on putting Val Kilmer in a turtleneck these days? Homeboy is missing the required equipment to rock that style.

the thaw

 I much prefer the look of Kilmer’s upcoming The Thaw, which has a groovy, grody and fast-paced trailer. My interest may also have something to do with my boyfriend Aaron Ashmore’s involvement. Yay Jimmy!

Ashmore’s also supposed to be the male lead in this movie. Oh how I love that he’s becoming a little scream king!

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Movie Roundup

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2995 by you.

Check out my new weekly movie column on!