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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Extra! Extra! Marla resurfaces after mysterious disappearance!

I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. I’m *almost* ready to return full-force back to ye olde blogge once things settle down. In the meantime, here’s another shorty!


My all-time favorite comic series, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, is being adapted for television, and Gaiman is possibly not involved? A WORLD OF NO. Oh yeah, and somehow Eric Kripke (creator of Supernatural) is involved. Read my review of Supernatural here.

emma frost

First pics of January Jones as bad-ass Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. She looks more silly than bad-ass, but whattya gonna do? Continue reading

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

What up, friends? Marla here with all the grue news you can use!

val kilmer

Boring and derivative Chaos Experiment trailer here. Why do directors always insist on putting Val Kilmer in a turtleneck these days? Homeboy is missing the required equipment to rock that style.

the thaw

 I much prefer the look of Kilmer’s upcoming The Thaw, which has a groovy, grody and fast-paced trailer. My interest may also have something to do with my boyfriend Aaron Ashmore’s involvement. Yay Jimmy!

Ashmore’s also supposed to be the male lead in this movie. Oh how I love that he’s becoming a little scream king!

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I’ve been bananas to see Coraline since it was released, and I got the chance this weekend.

coraline 19 by you.

Naturally, I adore Neil Gaiman, and director Henry Selick did a great job on the daunting flights of fantasy that were James and the Giant Peach (another adaptation of a beloved children’s book) and The Nightmare Before Christmas.  As with any good 3D film, the credits rock. A sinister-looking skeletal hand wields a sewing needle and thread, attaching buttons to a limp rag doll. The needle plunges toward and away from the audience, drawing us in as if we are the buttons. By the time the film starts, we’re hooked.

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