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David Cronenberg Retrospective: Videodrome

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by: Reverend Jon

When Marla allowed me to choose which movie to review for the David Cronenberg Retrospective, Videodrome was my answer. The movies that resonate with me are those that explore real issues and fears and cause me to think differently about life and the world around me. Videodrome is undoubtedly that kind of movie.

Videodrome is about intersections, or perhaps even collisions, between loaded concepts: pain and pleasure, technology and the human body. I will say right now that it is easy to watch this movie and dismiss it as dated and irrelevant, cheesy even, but I argue that the underlying ideas are relevant today.

From the very beginning, we know that this is no ordinary movie. We are introduced to Max Renn (James Woods, whose waxy complexion lends itself to the manual effects) by his wakeup call, which at first seems eerily prescient, a woman on TV addressing the viewer by name and who knows the date, but then later we realize that this was recorded in advance. Continue reading

Stuart Gordon Retrospective: From Beyond

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I first watched Stuart Gordon’s 1986 film From Beyond freshman year in college, at some party, barely paying attention. I’m honestly not sure how I managed that, because whatever else this film is, it is certainly something that DEMANDS YOUR ATTENTION.

from beyond poster original by you.

This movie is SO WEIRD. Keep in mind, please—I’m saying this as a woman who has reviewed an entire retrospective’s worth of Stuart Gordon films.  I know from weird, alright, you guys? From Beyond is something…else.

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Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Re-Animator

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Ahh, so we arrive at the fourth and arguably most celebrated entry in my Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Re-Animator.

reanimator poster by you.

(Well, I mean that Re-Animator is celebrated. Not my review of it, which is brand new and hasn’t had the chance to gain notoriety. I have high hopes, however).

Re-Animator was Stu’s first film and it deservedly propelled him into cult status.  He wrote it with frequent collaborator Dennis Paoli from, what else?, the Lovecraft novel Herbert West: Reanimator. Gordon pal Brian Yuzna produced, as per yuuzh. It’s demented, irreverent, extraordinarily repulsive and teeming with nudity. It’s a Stuart Gordon joint, you guys! And it’s the best of the West.

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Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Castle Freak

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Something happened to me this week that hasn’t happened in many years. Something both wonderful and terrible. Something I thought I’d missed, but I was wrong.

A horror movie gave me a nightmare. That movie? Castle Freak.

castle freak poster 2 by you.

The thing is, I’ve seen this movie before. At least twice! And I do not remember having been quite so frightened. It REALLY scared me, you guys! It’s both odd and cool that, unlike one’s tolerance with alcohol, the more scary movies I watch, the more of a lightweight I seem to become. It’s pretty great, because the thing I like most about scary movies is being scared, and it would suck if that part went away. Still, yeeps!

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Fright Night

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I rewatched the quirky, kick-ass classic Fright Night (1985) this week. I remember loving this movie’s peculiar brand of creepiness as a little youngster Marla and I’m pleased to report that my delight in Tom Holland’s mastery hasn’t waned a bit. This movie is just so much fun! Fright Night successfully skates on that razor thin line separating the scary from the funny, never leaning too heavily one way or the other, a talent at which most other movies in this vein tragically fail.

poster by you.

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Stuart Gordon Retrospective: Dagon

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Dagon is actually the first Stuart Gordon movie I ever watched, back in 2001, and I instantly discovered that I had been remiss in waiting so long to celebrate this guy’s catalogue.  He’s now one of my favorite directors and the very first person I chose to kick off my new retrospective series—mostly for the excuse to rewatch his many exceptionally strange films. Gordon has long impressed me as a prolific artist who defends the quality of his vision, circumventing the frustrating production company system when necessary to deliver high-caliber films that are entirely his.

As quickly as Re-animator, Castle Freak and all the rest became established favorites of mine, I’ll always have a cozy place in my heart for the peculiar little Dagon.


dagon poster by you.

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Near Dark

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There’s been some noise lately about a remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s groundbreaking 1987 genre-bender Near Dark.  And while praying to a merciful god to prove this lamentable rumor false, I realized that the time had long since arrived for a rewatch of that beautifully strange film.

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