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David Cronenberg Retrospective: Scanners

Posted in Film Review, Horror Movie Review, Retrospective, Retrospective: David Cronenberg, Sci-Fi Movie Review with tags , on January 14, 2010 by xymarla

Scanners! You were far sillier than I remembered!


Cronenberg’s next film after The Brood lacks its gravitas. Scanners actually differs from almost all Cronenberg films in that there is far less emphasis on psychological and physiological irregularity, and almost none of the skewed sexuality that permeates his other films. Scanners is, dare I say it, a pretty straight horror/sci-fi flick.

With simply outstanding manual effects, of course!

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Updates and Improvements to Danny Isn’t Here!

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We're new and improved, y'all!

With the help of Reverend Jon and Mr. Marla, I’m shaking things up here at DIH! The two latest format changes are all about user-friendliness, because lordy knows I don’t want this site to be like AICN, all jumbled and wacky and aesthetically displeasing. You guys would tell me if that were the case, right? Lay it on me.

You may notice when scanning the homepage that the posts have been abbreviated. Rather than being forced to skim the entirety of the most recent posts, you can now choose which posts you’d like to read by clicking on the “read more” button! Although you should read every word of every post, because they’re all brilliant. Obviously.

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