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The Official Smallville Drinking Game!

Posted in Random Tidbits, Television News, Television Review with tags , , , , , , , , on January 13, 2010 by xymarla

Hey, it’s official if I say it’s official!  But official or no, I can guarantee that it is the BEST Smallville Drinking Game.

I'm gonna mess you up!

Mr. Marla and I invented this game many years ago, bumming a few rules here and there from other drinking games we’ve found, but mostly of our own creation. And we play it a lot. Like, A LOT. Okay, more like…all the time. Don’t judge us! It’s really fun!

So obviously some of these rules only apply to early seasons, because we re-watch the old DVDs all the time. And regardless, I still find myself mightily tipsy playing this game during the current season, since most of these rules (read: “Clark”) are timeless.

Without further ado!

toastDrink ONCE every time…:

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