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Smallville Season 9 Episode Guide and Review!

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This one’s long and scoopy, my friends! Check out a detailed Season 9 episode guide and report card, with links to character, crew and comic origins, as well as Season 10 predictions and loads of pics! Get it all right here at Watchtower!

Smallville Season Finale Scoop!

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Holla! Tonight’s the night, my friends! The Season 9 finale for Smallville! This has been a solid season (okay, the Kandorians plot is hella boring. But it’s almost over! Rao willing.) and I’m psyched for what’s sure to be a stellar finale. How do I know?  Because it’s Smallville, suckas! EVERY finale is awesome. EVERY ONE. Even the crappy seasons! All the finales rule except, conversely, Season 8’s, which was in every other respect Smallville’s best season. That was…weird.

But! Season 9! Finale! Sure to be awesome! Here’s some scoop to wet your whistle. Continue reading