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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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star wars

Extra! Extra! George Lucas has found a way to milk even more money from our childhoods! ALL SIX Star Wars movies will be re-released to theaters in 3D. Lordy.


Zack Snyder has been chosen as the director for the Superman reboot by producer Christopher Nolan. The movie will be written by David Goyer. Solid choice, guys. To no one’s surprise, Brandon Routh is probably not being asked to return as the title hero in tights.

the hobbit

Also Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit will be released in 3D. Obvs.


Philip Seymour Hoffman’s name is being bandied about as Venom in the Spider-Man reboot, probably just to get skeptics like myself to be interested in it. Well played, bishes. Continue reading


It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Oof, it’s almost Christmas, ya heard? Slave-driving Santa is keeping this little elf hella busy, so it’ll be a shortie this week!

golden globes

The Golden Globe noms are up and they’re typically boring and random. I love watching this particular kudos show because I think it’s fun and shiny, but yeah, the awards themselves are utterly irrelevant. But what do we think about exes Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron going up against one another for Best Director? EXCITING! (Y’all know I’m psyched about Avatar, and I totally accidentally missed The Hurt Locker in the theatre, but still, go Kat!)


Hrmm. Peter Parker as Bilbo Baggins? Get out your grain of salt for this one. I still like James McAvoy for the role, but granted, I like Jimmy Mac for everything. Seriously, for every role ever.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Hello film lovers! I’m taking a brief respite from my voracious consumption of the new Stephen King joint Under the Dome to bring you a hurried and distracted NDTD. Then let me get back to my book, for god’s sake!

I find myself bankrupt of words powerful enough to express my profound relief at this news: the imprudent remake of Oldboy directed by Stephen Spielberg and starring Will Smith has been squashed. Guys, I actually like Stephen Spielberg. I totally LOVE Will Smith. But this was the worst fucking idea ever conceived in Hollywood, the city that is bringing us White Chicks 2. Oh by the by, Will’s now going to be starring in the adaptation of Flowers for Algernon so…there’s that.

Oh man, this news is so geeksweet I can barely type it for spazzing! PAM GRIER IS JOINING THE CAST OF SMALLVILLE AS AMANDA WALLER. Dudes! The casting is so epic and the plot implications so thrilling that I absolutely cannot WAIT for her arc to begin. ZOMG!!

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