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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

Straight from their blogs to my blogs to you!

In box office news, The Hangover totally surprised the shit out of everyone and bested UP. Drag Me undeservedly fell to 7, after Terminator in 6th and Star Trek in 5th.


Jerry sent me this article which boasts a tremendous amount of spoilery Avatar intel.  HOLY CRAP ZOMG BRAIN-BLOWING POW! And here’s an interview with Avatar star and Marla boyfriend Sam Worthington about the above as well as Clash.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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Ahhh, Wolverine. You had the opportunity to be so ridiculously, hilariously, entertainingly stupid, and for some reason, you opted to be tediously, monotonously, and tiresomely stupid. I could forgive you for so many things—I was prepared to forgive you for so many things. But I cannot and will not forgive you for boring the shit out of me. 

wolverine poster by you.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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And what a busy Tuesday it is! Therefore, I’ll be keeping it brief this week, folks.



dark tower

Okay listen. The Dark Tower series is an absolute lifetime obsession of mine, and I have the tattoo to prove it. The only way it can be successfully translated to film is as a mini-series made up of 2 hour episodes aired Monday through Friday over three weeks on HBO, preferably with Viggo Mortensen as Roland, Gina Torres as Susannah and relative unknowns cast as Eddie and Jake. I’ve got it all figured out and have since high school. JJ, you can call me once you’re ready to hear my outline.

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