The Dark Tower Series Casting Call Round 2 (Allies)

dark tower 2

As you probably know, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Akiva Goldsman are adapting Stephen King’s epic (and I don’t mean that in the “THIS PARTY’S GONNA BE EPIC!” sense so much as the “this is a sprawling heroic journey traversing centuries and universes” sense) The Dark Tower series into a television series, as well as multiple theatrical releases. It’s a big d, you guys.

I’ve already fantasy-cast the Ka-Tet of 19: Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake and Oy. Now to cast some of the allies that float in and out of the gunslingers’ journey. I’ll wrap up my casting call with Round 3: enemies of the ka-tet. Or Foes of the Rose, if you will. (If you need a lesson in Dark Tower 101, check this out.) And don’t worry, I’m trying to keep this post mostly spoiler-free.

father callahan

Pere Callahan:

The Pere is a former priest who first appeared in King’s ‘Salem’s Lot, resurfacing in the final three Dark Tower books. He is a wise, grave, recovering alcoholic who believes himself to be damned. He has fought vampires, “wolves,” and agents of the Crimson King. He’s an all-around bad-ass.

clint eastwood

Clint Eastwood:

He looks just exactly right, doesn’t he, all wizened and wise and grumpy? It’s also a nice shout-out to the fact that several earlier descriptions of Roland refer to him as looking like Clint Eastwood, and obviously Clint would have made the ideal gunslinger a few decades ago.

patrick danville

Patrick Danville:

Danville first appears in King’s novel Insomnia as a young child with an immense talent for art. He reappears in The Dark Tower as a damaged but gifted adult. He is incredibly integral to the culmination of the story.

alexander skarsgaard

Alexander Skarsgard:

Skarsgard has the right intensity about him, and the right look. You know, blonde and Jesus-y.

blain the pain

Calvin Tower:

Tower is a pudgy book hoarder who holds the lease to the lot that contains the rose, a parallel structure in our world to the Tower in End-World. He’s rather self-absorbed, obsessive and somewhat useless but has a good heart—and *this* avid reader can certainly sympathize with his book-hoarding tendencies. (There’s no illustration of Cal, but he sells Jake the above book, Charlie the Choo-Choo, in The Wastelands from his bookstore the Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind.)

philip seymour hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman:

Okay, this is obviously fantasy-casting, because PSH can probably do a lot better than ol’ Cal. But he’s played weaselly and timid so well in the past! And I can’t help but picture him when I read the books.

aaron deepneau

Aaaron Deepneau:

Aaron is the far more enlightened and reasonable friend to Calvin Tower. He teams up with the Tet Corporation to protect the rose and therefore the Tower. Also, he is an old.

richard dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss:

Dreyfuss has a sage way about him and he’s also charming and jovial, like Aaron. He’s already proven he doesn’t mind playing a small but significant part in a fantasy series, as well.

tet corporation

John Cullum:

Cullum is the tough-as-nails old man who gets thrown into the middle of gunslingers’ business and handles himself admirably. He’s got a thick Maine accent and balls of steel. He joins the Tet Corporation with Aaron Deepneau and Moses Carver. (The above pic is of the corporation headquarters; there is no illustration of Cullum.)

tommy lee jones

Tommy Lee Jones:

Let’s see: a tough-as-nails old man with intelligent eyes and a trustworthy way about him? I’m sure TLJ can drop his southern accent for a Yankee inflection for once. I’d love to see him in this role.

tet corporation

Moses Carver:

Moses is Susannah’s godfather, a congenial and clever old man with square glasses, white hair and a cane. He is also a member of the Tet Corporation with Cullum and Deepneau. (The above pic is of the corporation headquarters; there is no illustration of Carver.)

ossie davisharry belafonte

Harry Belafonte:

Let’s be honest here. I really, REALLY want to cast Ossie Davis (l). Ossie Davis IS Moses. But he passed away a few years ago. Belafonte (r) could be great, as well.

young Roland

Young Roland:

14-year-old Roland has the same attributes as Ancient Roland, although he’s a bit more impulsive and romantic.

ethan peck

Ethan Peck:

I had quite a time trying to cast a teenaged Roland! We need someone with intensity and fervor, who could (it’s a stretch.) look like a teenager and a young Viggo Mortensen. In other words: smoking hot, chiseled and cleft of chin. 10 Things I Hate About You‘s Peck fits the bill nicely.

susan delgado

Susan Delgado:

Susan is Roland’s first and only true love, from his days as a 14-year-old in disguise in Mejis. She is strong-willed, passionate, generous and brave. She’s got quite a mouth on her and is quick-witted and athletic.

mia wasikowska 2

Mia Wasikowska:

Yeah, I’m not casting any actual 14-year-olds for the Wizard and Glass portion of the series. These teens get up to an awful lot of grown-up activities, so we need actors who can look young but are actually older. Mia Wasikowska is breathtaking and ethereal, but not in the least fragile. She’s visually perfect for Susan, and she’s shown off her acting chops and wide range in Defiance and Alice in Wonderland.


Sheemie Ruiz:

Sheemie is the mentally handicapped bar boy that Roland and co. meet in Mejis. He turns out to be quite clever in many ways and is devoted to Roland’s ka-tet, particularly Cuthbert. He’s affable and loyal.

Singer Kevin Covais arrives at the Premiere of Fox Walden Film's

Kevin Covais:

Covais has the right look about him (uhm, no offense) and has a great, sunny smile that lights up his face, a key attribute of Sheemie’s. He’s also teeny-tiny!

cuthbert 2

Cuthbert Allgood:

Cuthbert is the best friend of 14-year-old Roland, a wise-cracking goofball who hides nerves of steel. Sound like anyone else we know? Like perhaps Eddie Dean? Roland is often struck by the similarities between his friend of old and his new ally.

anton yelchin

Anton Yelchin:

I absolutely love Yelchin in Star Trek and he’s the only good part of Terminator Salvation. He’s proven himself to have a delightfully wicked sense of humor, as well as serious dramatic talent. And he’s got a similar look to my Eddie Dean cast picks, and Eddie and Cuthbert need to look as if they could be brothers.


Alain Johns:

Alain is the final member of Roland’s first ka-tet in Mejis when he was a teenaged boy. Alain is gentle, wise and prescient. He has a calming effect on the wilder Roland and Cuthbert.

erik knudsen

Erik Knudsen:

He’s got a soft but handsome face and wise eyes. He’s made a lot of waves in Scott Pilgrim, Jericho and Youth in Revolt, and I think he could absolutely handle Alain’s gravitas.

stephen king

Stephen King:

That’s right—Stephen King is a character in this series. That’s all you get to know for now, if you don’t already. (Note: I do not actually recommend Ron Howard attempt filming the Stephen King portion of the series.)

stephen king 2

Stephen King:

Well who else, my friends?

A great big old thankee-sai to the Dark Tower Compendium for the collection of illustrations from The Dark Tower series.

Tune in next week for my final volume of the Dark Tower Series Casting Call, where I’ll wrap up this party by casting the antagonists in the series: Randall Flagg, Mordred, Rhea of the Coos, Balazar, Andolini, Eldred Jonas and the BIG BAD: The Crimson King! In the meantime, tell me your casting picks, gunslingers.

dark tower 3

Don’t forget to read the Dark Tower Series Casting Call Round One: the Ka-Tet of 19!

Update! Dark Tower Series Casting Call Round Three: Enemies is up!

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15 Responses to “The Dark Tower Series Casting Call Round 2 (Allies)”

  1. Uncle Mustache Says:

    Great picks! I especially like Mia Wasikowska as Susan and Erik Knudsen as Alain. Those two are spot on. I think they both look the part and have the personalities to pull it off.

    I can’t wait to see the Foes of the Rose edition. Who for the Crimson King? Syd Haig? I’ve never really seen him stretch his legs as far as acting goes. He always plays outrageous characters. Which could actually work in this case.

  2. LOVE all your pics… especially Phillip Seymour Hoffman!! How did you pluck that right out of my mind??? He’s perfect for the part. I think you should submit your selections for official review :)

  3. Clint Eastwood as Pere Callahan! You’ll never top that pick! I am praying now for even more Eastwood longevity so this can happen! Long live Clint!


    gah, i would DIE to see ethan peck as young roland. and you totally nailed it with sheemie! and TOMMY LEE JONES YES PLEASE.

    if the movie/series makes me half as happy as this post, then it will be OSCAR WORTHY.

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  6. Thanks for posting this. My nerdy wife and I are nerding it up about Ron Howard doing this.

  7. nuttyfran Says:

    Have to agree with all your choices! I’ve been in love with Roland since I first met him 15yrs ago. Am also in love with Viggo Mortensen in his LOTR guise, so he would be perfect! I’ve just passed my D.T. books on to my 17yr old son who has barely left the house since. He’s halfway through Wizard and Glass, although hasn’t cried yet! (I cried most of the way through that one!) Can’t wait for the visual adaptations. (Please, please get it right Mr. Howard!)

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  11. aaron johnson from savages, kick ass, and anna karenina.. right age<< good with soulful, goofy, might be a challenge to be tortured (heroin)

  12. aaron johnson for eddie dean sorry

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    The Dark Tower Series Casting Call Round 2 (Allies) | Danny Isn’t Here, Mrs. Torrance

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