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PARTY DOWN Scoop, Videos and Exclusive Interview!

Posted in Interview, Television News with tags , , , on June 30, 2011 by xymarla

Last weekend, I attended The Ultimate Party Down Marathon in Austin, and I’ve been writing it up all week!

I got to interview the cast and creators, which was pretty much the biggest thing I’ve ever done, including being born and getting married. Read it!

You can watch the intro from the marathon and see some great pics here. And here are some great vids, including creator Rob Thomas talking about the very real possibility of a Party Down movie and Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan discussing their karaoke numbers from the night before!

Dudes, look. IT’S NICK OFFERMAN.

So yeah, it was pretty much the greatest weekend of my life. The ensuing 70 years or so are just one dismal descent into tedium and mediocrity. Cheers!

[photos by Jack Plunkett]

Borders Line: When A Television Show Defies Our Expectations

Posted in Television Review with tags , , , on June 23, 2011 by xymarla

In the past two weeks, legions of fans have revolted over unexpected developments in Game of Thrones and The Killing. Audiences for both shows are irate over the unforeseen death of an important character in the former and an abrupt cliffhanger in the latter. Hordes of viewers have threatened to stop watching, bloggers (this one included) have written scathing criticisms, and Twitter is rife with the 140-character equivalent of shaking an indignant fist. The smart viewers rail against trite and formulaic TV plots, so why is it that when a popular show defies our expectations, we riot?

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THE KILLING Season One Wrap-Up

Posted in Television Review with tags , , on June 22, 2011 by xymarla

People are incensed at last night’s season finale of THE KILLING, but that’s hardly the worst crime this crime drama committed. Spoilers within my post over at Badass Digest.

Full disclosure: I loved the pilot. You can read my hilariously optimistic review of that episode here.

Borders Line: Has The Time For WORLD WAR Z Passed?

Posted in Movie News with tags , on June 16, 2011 by xymarla

Ahh, Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, and zombies. Three things that enjoyed their heyday in the aughts. I could be wrong here, but is anyone still excited for an adaptation of World War Z?

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Borders Line: Don’t Make That, Make This Instead

Posted in Random Tidbits with tags , on June 9, 2011 by xymarla

Welcome to a feature I like to call Don’t Make That, Make This Instead. Despite our most urgent pleas, Hollywood continues to sick up a gooey, incessant strand of movies about matrimony. (Now it’s Reese Witherspoon tagging along to a bachelor party, quelle surprise.) If you’re a woman in Hollywood and you want a leading role, you’d better be ready to embrace the nuptial–or the televisual, of course, because TV has tons of remarkable roles for women that have shockingly nothing to do with weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bridesmaids, exes getting married, or babies. It’s just been announced that Chloë Sevigny will star in a televised series about a transgender assassin, for instance. Answer me this, America: why would any actress opt to star in feature films about going to the chapel over mind-meltingly sensational TV material like that?

But listen, I’m not one to solely offer feckless complaints. I’m all about the constructive criticism. So I hit up my friends for suggestions, and in the spirit of cooperation, we offer thirty movie pitches that sound a hell of a lot more entertaining than Woman Attends Wedding, Wacky Shit Happens.

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Borders Line: I Seriously Want To Love RINGER

Posted in Television News with tags , , , , on June 2, 2011 by xymarla

Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to our TV sets, and I’m kind of insanely invested in that fact. Please, oh please, let Ringer be good!

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