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Chan-Wook Park’s Thirst is an extravagant and absurd vampire film with just enough skew to it to make it fresh. And god almighty, it’s fun.

Now I have to be honest—the first half of this movie is much better than the second half. But the second half is still entertaining and intriguing, just rather incoherent and with a tone completely at odds with the first. But I don’t care. Thirst is just too much fun, too deliciously watchable, for petty complaints. Park’s film skips capriciously through genres, twirling its way around bloody vampire flick, film noir, whimsical indie quirk, nod to “The Tell-Tale Heart” and violently depressing treatise on human debasement. But fun! Continue reading

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Today is simply rife with news that I thought I’d never care about again and yet cannot seem to keep myself from reporting repeating!

Extra! Extra! A new vampire movie actually sounds interesting to me!

But before that…the SAG awards happened, apparently.

So…Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City) is attached to direct a Dracula: Year Zero flick about The Count’s transformation from Vlad the Impaler to Dracula. And Marla’s boyfriend Sam Worthington’s name is being bandied about! And all of a sudden I’m interested in vampires again! And then I remembered that I’m super pumped to watch Chan-wook Park’s sorta-vampire flick Thirst this week, and my life got all twisty-turny. Every time I think I’m out, they suck me back in.

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Link Drop!

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I was planning on doing a Recommends Day Wednesday post today, but the internet is so aflutter with NEWS MADE ESPECIALLY FOR ME, I just had to share in my mirth.

So, I absolutely adore Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty.  I’m sort of COMPLETELY OBSESSED with her. She’s like the Alexis Carrington of Disney!

That’s me on the left, battling Harry Potter in an epic clash of magical good versus evil.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Listen up, America! No one gives a shit about Conan or Leno!

I hope everyone had yesterday off work! And if you didn’t, your boss is racist.

The Golden Globes happened, apparently.

And while they were happening, far more importantly, Oliva Wilde talked about how geeked she is for Tron Legacy. That makes two of us, sister!

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David Cronenberg Retrospective: Scanners

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Scanners! You were far sillier than I remembered!


Cronenberg’s next film after The Brood lacks its gravitas. Scanners actually differs from almost all Cronenberg films in that there is far less emphasis on psychological and physiological irregularity, and almost none of the skewed sexuality that permeates his other films. Scanners is, dare I say it, a pretty straight horror/sci-fi flick.

With simply outstanding manual effects, of course!

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The Official Smallville Drinking Game!

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Hey, it’s official if I say it’s official!  But official or no, I can guarantee that it is the BEST Smallville Drinking Game.

I'm gonna mess you up!

Mr. Marla and I invented this game many years ago, bumming a few rules here and there from other drinking games we’ve found, but mostly of our own creation. And we play it a lot. Like, A LOT. Okay, more like…all the time. Don’t judge us! It’s really fun!

So obviously some of these rules only apply to early seasons, because we re-watch the old DVDs all the time. And regardless, I still find myself mightily tipsy playing this game during the current season, since most of these rules (read: “Clark”) are timeless.

Without further ado!

toastDrink ONCE every time…:

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Extra! Extra! News Day Tuesday is back!

I missed you, blog! I’ve been bubbling over with glorious scoop and now I can finally say that OMG I LOVE THE ART FROM TRON LEGACY! Check it:  



Now, from the far lamer side of the news stream: Blake Lively?! As Carol Ferris?! Are you SHITTING ME? I don’t hate Blake or anything, but she’s 22 and blonde. She’s not Carol Ferris, okay? She’s not.

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Updates and Improvements to Danny Isn’t Here!

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We're new and improved, y'all!

With the help of Reverend Jon and Mr. Marla, I’m shaking things up here at DIH! The two latest format changes are all about user-friendliness, because lordy knows I don’t want this site to be like AICN, all jumbled and wacky and aesthetically displeasing. You guys would tell me if that were the case, right? Lay it on me.

You may notice when scanning the homepage that the posts have been abbreviated. Rather than being forced to skim the entirety of the most recent posts, you can now choose which posts you’d like to read by clicking on the “read more” button! Although you should read every word of every post, because they’re all brilliant. Obviously.

But the even more exciting update is the addition of a Site Index! Continue reading