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Borders Line: Who Else Is Stoked For Heckerling’s VAMPS?

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I’ve been bored with vampires since before being bored with vampires was cool. And yet? I can’t wait for Amy Heckerling’s Vamps. Here’s why: AMY HECKERLING. I simply can’t imagine that Heckerling’s coy, subversive humor won’t serve even the tired paranormal romance trend.

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Remake vs. Original: Let Me In vs. Let the Right One In

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Welcome back to Remake vs. Original, wherein Hollywood must answer to my poison pen for their incessant remakes! Today we bring you the ULTIMATE BATTLE:

let me in vs. let the right one in

Round One: The basics.

Let Me In. USA, 2010. Written and directed by Matt Reeves. 116 mins.

Let the Right One In. Sweden, 2008. Written by John Ajvide Lindqvist from his own novel. Directed by Tomas Alfredson. 115 mins.


Let Me In is the title of the American release of the novel, because publishers thought the original title was too long. I happen to love long titles, and Let Me In just doesn’t have the same poetry. -2

Let The Right One In is one of the eeriest and most elegant titles ever, and it’s the one chosen by novelist Lindqvist. If it’s good enough for him, it should be good enough for you, AMERICA. +2


Speaking of AMERICA, I love my country bunches. But not when it comes to remaking foreign movies that just came out two years before. I never EVER like that, because JUST READ SUBTITLES, AMERICA. It’s super easy! -1

Sweden! They have snow and Lisbeth Salander and reindeer and aquavit and the Sami! I took a class on the Sami people once and they are quite interesting. Also, meat pies! I forget, did I mention Lisbeth Salander? +2 (for Lisbeth) Continue reading

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Extra! Extra! Only Amy Heckerling has the power to make vampires awesome again!

 Star Krysten Ritter reveals that Amy Heckerling’s next film will be a “Clueless for vampires,” a premise which seems capable of single-handedly reviving the dwindling empire of sparkle moodiness. 


The Superman reboot will be written by Batman Begins and Blade screenwriter David Goyer. This is good news! The remake will not star Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth and it will not be directed by Bryan Singer. This is also good news! 


Check out a Q&A with Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski here. And surprise surprise, Disney’s already talking trilogyContinue reading


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Chan-Wook Park’s Thirst is an extravagant and absurd vampire film with just enough skew to it to make it fresh. And god almighty, it’s fun.

Now I have to be honest—the first half of this movie is much better than the second half. But the second half is still entertaining and intriguing, just rather incoherent and with a tone completely at odds with the first. But I don’t care. Thirst is just too much fun, too deliciously watchable, for petty complaints. Park’s film skips capriciously through genres, twirling its way around bloody vampire flick, film noir, whimsical indie quirk, nod to “The Tell-Tale Heart” and violently depressing treatise on human debasement. But fun! Continue reading

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Today is simply rife with news that I thought I’d never care about again and yet cannot seem to keep myself from reporting repeating!

Extra! Extra! A new vampire movie actually sounds interesting to me!

But before that…the SAG awards happened, apparently.

So…Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City) is attached to direct a Dracula: Year Zero flick about The Count’s transformation from Vlad the Impaler to Dracula. And Marla’s boyfriend Sam Worthington’s name is being bandied about! And all of a sudden I’m interested in vampires again! And then I remembered that I’m super pumped to watch Chan-wook Park’s sorta-vampire flick Thirst this week, and my life got all twisty-turny. Every time I think I’m out, they suck me back in.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Oooh, I have oodles of scooples for you today, my little lovelies! I love when the internet ‘splodes on itself, don’t you?


I really, really, really want to see this movie, okay? Benicio! Sir Anthony! Hugo! WOLFMAN! Thanks to the always-awesome Backline Show  for the link. Check out the vintage-y trailer and rub your hands together in delicious anticipation, á la Marla.

Yeah, well, McG, people in hell want ice water. And speaking of people in hell, DON’T MAKE ME WATCH ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR STUPID MOVIES.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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Faithful flock, it’s me again, Reverend Jon!

Finally! A Family Ties spinoff.

Finally! A Family Ties spinoff.

Canal Plus, a.k.a. The Euro HBO, a.k.a. the people behind every interesting foreign film you’ve seen, have given the go-ahead to a 12 episode mini-series based on the lives of everyone’s favorite incestuous murders (and no I don’t mean the Menendez brothers): the Borgias! This project is apparently going to be competing with a similar project headed up by Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview with a Vampire) on Showtime.

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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 presskid by you.

Hello, my little scoop-hungry fiends! I’ve got all sorts of goodies for you this week, so let’s hop to, shall we?


Okay, so I’ve never read nor seen Twilight, and I doubt I will. But this screenplay purports to tell the story of What If Twilight Were Short and Also Made Sense? And that movie? I would watch. Although I probably still wouldn’t read the book.

vampire chronicles

Need further evidence of the pervasive magic emanating off Robert Downey Jr? This news has me actually interested in a new movie with the word “vampire” in the title! GASP!

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

We’ve made it through another Monday, friends! Let’s celebrate with scoop!

2995 by you.

Go here for my weekly movie roundup on 29-95! I’ve got dish on this week’s box office, The Vampire’s Assistant, Leo and Ridley’s update of Brave New World, the Fraggle Rock movie and Dark Crystal sequel, Wall Street 2, a new adaptation of Dune, Guillmero del Toro’s upcoming projects, Green Hornet, the MJ movie, and District 9!

district 9 by you.

You can catch more District 9 clips here. As Mr. Disgusting suggests, I’m avoiding any clips or spoilers from the movie so I can get face-melted proper, but far be it from me to make that decision for you!

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It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

Extra! Extra! Come see me host the Deadgirl midnight screening at Houston’s River Oaks theater this Friday, July 24! I’ll be charming! And I’ll serve…free beer! And I’ll…throw cash at you, Joker-style!

Okay, no, to most of the above, but I WILL be there, hosting a movie that is certain to kick your ass with a whole lot of awesome, and I promise to be mostly sober even though it’s my birthday. So show up and support me! I demand it!

On to the actual news!

Again, with the duh.

Every single bit of Zombieland intel has me convinced it’s going to kick some massively intense ass. The one sheet is no exception.

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