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Pondering Casting WTFery of Yore

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Jennifer Garner will play Agatha Christie’s elderly detective Miss Marple in Disney’s new series. In honor of this baffling decision, today I celebrate the ten most inappropriately cast characters ever! Check it out over at Badass Digest.

Weekly Movie Roundup

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It’s back! Scoop on Avatar, Dick Cook’s sudden departure from Disney, Johnny Depp hatin’ on Pirates, the worst romantic comedy trailer ever, Inglourious Basterds, Jennifer’s Body, The Final Destination, Sorority Row, casting for The A-Team, and an awesome Big Lebowski screening. Enjoy!

2995 by you.

It’s News Day Tuesday!

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presskid by you.

It’s a quickie today, folks! Sorry for the systemic whittling down of DIH, but I promise to beef it back up with a vengeance in 6 weeks (aka: post-nuptially).

hunger games

Posh D has unveiled a new blog: Forever Young Adult! Also featuring Erin, frequent commenter here! I am forever in PD’s debt after she loaned me Hunger Games, so take her recommendations very seriously, folks.

20th Century Fox is rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise, hopefully with an entirely new cast and creative team because the last ones sucked ass.

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